Podcast 101: The Why and How

by | Apr 12, 2023 | Podcasting

In 2021, 82 million people listened to podcasts, and the forecast for 2024 is over 100 million listeners! Have you jumped into the wide world of podcasting? Now is a great time to dive in and find your niche. We’re here to help you learn why you should start podcasting and how you can get started.


Why You Should Start a Podcast

Podcasts are one of the best ways to market your business. If you’re looking to reach your target audience in a new way, podcasts are a great option! Furthermore, podcasts can help you reach a new audience that you might not have communicated with in the past.



Podcasts are one of the only forms of marketing that people can take with them anywhere. People listen to podcasts in their cars, while doing chores, and in a multitude of other settings. They can listen to a variety of content, in any setting, on any platform. What could be more accessible than that?


Position Yourself as a Known Expert in Your Niche

As a business owner, you want people to trust that you’re an expert in your field. Podcasts give you the opportunity to share your knowledge with your customers. You can demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about and are ready to meet their needs.


Build Your Community

It’s better to have 100 extremely engaged followers than to have 1,000 followers who don’t recognize your name or know who you are. A strong following and community drive sales and build customer loyalty. Your community provides new business, referrals, and trust in your industry.


Grow Your Email List

Growing a strong email list can be a hassle. People don’t just sign up for newsletters, but they might be more inclined to provide an email if you offer something free in your podcasts. You can offer a download and put the link in the description. To sign up, users will need to provide their email.


Drive Organic Traffic

Your podcast should be extremely specific to your ideal target audience. The more specific your podcast topics are, the more likely you are to find viewers in the niche audience you want to reach. This is a free way to grow your business in the exact direction you want it to go.


Low Cost

Starting a podcast is extremely budget-friendly. You don’t need fancy equipment or major guest speakers to get started. You can start creating podcasts with just a few simple steps that we will explain in the rest of this post!


Define Your Target Audience

Who is your ideal customer? The more specific your audience is, the more likely you are to reach customers who are ideal for your business needs. Our target audience is business owners who want to successfully manage their own digital marketing efforts.



You don’t have to have fancy equipment or spend thousands of dollars to start a podcast. You can get started with a laptop and a microphone. Your microphone doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. We recommend two different microphones that both have incredible sound technology. Click here to find the Snowball mic, and click here to find our lavalier recommendation.


Recording Platform

There are many different platforms that allow you to record audio, and some will also allow you to record video. We use StreamYard for our podcast needs. It’s cost-effective and easy to use. StreamYard allows you to download video and audio, just audio, or just video. If you only want audio recordings, Audacity is a great option. It’s mostly free, and all you need to use it is a computer and a microphone.



We edit our podcasts in iMovie. You can also edit in Audacity if you choose to use it as your recording platform. You can edit out mistakes, laughs, or parts of the audio where you can hear the background noise. When editing, remember that you are human and mistakes are normal. If you choose to keep mistakes in your podcast, it is okay, and it will make you more relatable.


Pick a Hosting Platform

We highly recommend BuzzSprout for your podcast hosting needs. They have a free version that includes a couple of hours, and they have a paid version that allows you to have more hours of content. Their highest paid version is $24 per month. Buzzsprout uploads your podcast to a multitude of streaming platforms once you post it. It is much easier to go through a hosting platform than to post each podcast separately on different platforms.


How many podcasts should you start with?

You should start with 2-4 podcasts when you are just beginning. After the initial startup, you can post as often as you are comfortable with. Many professional podcasters post every day, but you don’t have to commit to that. You can post one podcast a week or even once each month. It is key to stay consistent and avoid overwhelming yourself with content.


Plan Your Content

Content burnout is a real thing, and it happens to most content creators. Planning your content ahead of time is an easy way to avoid this common mishap. The more you plan ahead, the less likely you are to struggle for ideas and run out of time and energy. If you want to maintain consistency and succeed in the podcast world, you must plan ahead.


Record and Edit

If you are going to podcast, it is best to video it. Why would you create separate content for your social media platforms and your podcast if you can nail them both at once? It is easier to pull the audio from a video for your podcast than to record it separately for social media later.


Pick a Title and Background

You need to create a catchy title that explains who you are and what you do. This can be anything that would show up when people search topics relating to your show. A catchy background is just as important as a catchy title. There are so many podcasts out in the world, and you don’t want to get lost in the mix. Your background photo should be branded, include colors, and catch the eyes of anyone looking for a new podcast.



Descriptions are where you tell your audience who you are and why they should listen to your show. You can include links to your other platforms and work. Furthermore, you can explain what the show covers and why that should matter to the audience you reach.


Happy Podcasting!

Starting a podcast can seem like a daunting task, but with the right equipment, hosting platform, and planning, it can be a rewarding experience. Remember to stay consistent with your posting schedule, plan ahead to avoid content burnout, and create a catchy title, background, and description to attract potential listeners. With these tips in mind, you can create a successful podcast that resonates with your audience and showcases your unique voice and perspective.


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