Websites to Love: Elements Every Website Needs to Generate Leads and Make Sales

by | Feb 22, 2023 | Business Tips

You’ve heard about the business, apps, and other things we love this month, but we also love a well-designed website. Every company needs a website that is built to generate leads and make sales. The elements of your website can make or break your success as a business. Keep reading to find out how you can curate the perfect website. 


Domain Name and Hosting Plan 

The first thing you must check on your website is the domain name and hosting plan. If you do not love either of these things about your website, it is time to get an update. We use Ben at WP Site Mason and could not ask for a better person to handle all of our web needs. Ben hosts all of our client’s websites, he is quick to do edits, and he doesn’t charge randomly. The hosting we pay monthly includes all needed edits. When checking your domain, make sure it is your name. You should own your website even if a company hosts it for you. You own your business, and you should own your website too. 



An SSL is a certificate that you install to make sure your site is secure. Google often refuses to allow access to websites that do not have an SSL certificate. Without an SSL, your website is considered dangerous for people to view. It will cost less than $100 to have an SSL certificate installed on your website. 


Test Your Website on All Browsers 

A common problem on websites is the inability to function on all devices. Sometimes websites will only work on desktops, and sometimes they only function on mobile devices. Ensure that your website looks as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop. 


Check Your Website Links 

Check the links on your website to make sure they take the viewer to the right page. You don’t want people to click on a button for your business on Facebook and end up on the homepage or another person’s business page. If you add a new platform, check to see if it is offered with the other links. 


Check Your Contact Information

If you provide contact information on your website (like you should) check to see that it is correct. An incorrect phone number or address could cause you to lose leads and sales. If people want to contact you, they should be able to find the correct information on your website. 


Test Your Functionality 

If you have a hook make sure that both you and the customer receive the information. If you ask for emails for a free download, make sure you are receiving emails. Also, ensure that the customer receives the free download. They should also receive a thank you for giving you their email. Don’t lose the possibility of getting a sale because your forms aren’t working. A dysfunctional website makes you look unorganized and inconsiderate. 


Proofread Your Website

To ensure that there are no mistakes on your website, ensure that you proofread everything. If you don’t find any mistakes, run it through Grammarly. You can have a coworker or friend proofread your website as well. Mistakes on your website can look sloppy, so now is the time to fix them. 


Review Pricing 

We believe in mentioning pricing on your website. Don’t waste your time and your client’s time by leaving pricing off of your website. If their budget is lower than what you charge, there is no point in talking about services. 


Review Consistency 

The same information needs to be on all of your platforms. This means that your Facebook, YouTube, and Website should all send the same information to the world. If you update one page of your website, don’t forget to update that information on other pages. Consistency is key! 


Content Audit 

Look at the content on your website to see if it looks the way it should. Are your blog images the correct size? Are your blogs posting to the right spot? Is anything distorted? Check your technical information to make sure what you’re including is what you are offering. You should also label your images so that they are searchable. No one searches “Image8256146625,” but they might search “bridal party dresses.” Google looks for what your picture is named to put them in search results. 


Include What You do on Your Website 

This is the most important takeaway from this blog. When people go to your website, they should instantly understand what you do. If they do not, it is time to update your information. If people don’t immediately understand what you do, they will leave your site. Confused viewers will not buy from you. 


Update Your News and Add a Blog 

Have you ever looked at a website’s news page and it hasn’t been updated since 2018? It can be frustrating to waste your time looking at an incomplete or outdated news page. If you don’t have news, hide the tab or create a blog to create your news. If you are not blogging you are missing the opportunity to reach new customers. Once you have 50 blogs posted, Google will be more likely to show your content in the search results. If you are struggling with topics, use Answer The Public to find questions people want answers for. 


Review Your Analytics 

When you look at your analytics you can find a multitude of information to help optimize your page. If you see people coming from Facebook, you might want to advertise your website on Facebook more. If you notice people are bouncing from a page on your website too quickly, you might want to check and see why. There could be a problem you didn’t know about. Analytics tell you where people came from, what terminology they search to find you, and what the referral sight is. You might think people are coming from Instagram, but they are finding your website on Pinterest


Call to Action 

Make sure that your website has a captivating hook. We use our content calendar as a hook for clients. We offer a free content calendar to help people plan their content throughout the year. If you don’t include a call to action, your clients will not know what you want them to do. It is also a way to get people’s information to market to them in the future. 


Ask For Feedback 

Find people you know and trust that are willing to review your website. No one wants to hear that their baby is ugly, but sometimes it is necessary. You need to know when your website is messed up or confusing. The more honest the feedback, the less likely you will be to lose a client over website problems. 


Welcome, March! 

This month has flown by, but we are excited to start the new month off with a surprise theme. We will announce the new theme by the end of this week! Keep an eye out on our socials to see what information we will provide during March! 



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