The 10 Best Apps to Get You Organized in 2020

by | Dec 31, 2019 | Business Tips, Tool and Apps

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? Something to consider for 2020 is getting organized. There are many different apps that can help you with your life and organization is a huge part of that. Here are 10 of the coolest apps to try in 2020. Each one has different features that will help you get and stay organized. Look for some tried and true favorites to make the list along with some you’ve probably never heard of.


Evernote is a free organizer, planner, and notebook. It allows you to take notes on the go, then sync, and be able to search your data. You don’t have to be in the office to get work done. You can be in the car, at an appointment, literally anywhere and have the ability to take client notes or any kind of information and then sync it up with the rest of your information so you don’t lose it. If you are one of those people that has to write it down or you forget it, then Evernote is exactly what you need.


Todoist is exactly what it sounds like it would be. It’s a free to-do list. It helps you manage daily tasks and maximize your productivity. You can see at a glance what you’ve gotten done and what is left to do. It also allows you to communicate with other team members so if you’re working on a project together they can track progress in the app. If you get satisfaction from checking off your to-do list, Todoist is the app for you.


Trello is a favorite around our office. It’s a free project management tool for teams. It allows you to eliminate the need for email. You can create to-do lists and activities and assign them to specific team members. Trello allows you to have a team board on which each team member has their own individual board. If you get an idea at 3 am that you want to share with a team member, you can add it to their individual board. If it’s a task you can assign it to their board. You could just send a 3 am email, but that doesn’t let you know when the task is done. On Trello, you can check their board and see if it’s been marked as complete. You can assign due dates and times and team members can add notes. It’s also a great way to communicate because the conversation doesn’t go away. The information stays there in case you need it again. If you work with a team, give Trello a try.

Way of Life

Way of Life is a habit tracker. It helps you track the time you spend daily so that you can cultivate better habits. It’s almost impossible to move in the right direction if you don’t know where you are already. Find out how much time you really do spend on email or browsing Facebook. If you are wondering where all your time is going, download Way of Life today.


Fantastical is a voice-activated calendar. This is great for multitaskers. You can be doing any activity and add to your calendar without having to stop and type it out. It’s like Google Calendar but it responds to voice commands. If you always have your hands full, Fantastical is for you.

Dropbox or Google Drive

These apps are great for sharing and storing information. Dropbox is a great choice for videos because it allows you to share them with your team without compressing the files. It’s also great for graphics, which can be so big they’re impossible to email. For customer files and customer information, Google Drive is the best choice.  You can put all the information in and then generate a link that you can share with a team member giving them access to the information. f there is a fire, earthquake, flood, your laptop is stolen or crashes, or any other catastrophe you will still have all of the information that you stored in these apps and will have access to it all from any computer. If you store any information at all, you need these Dropbox and Google Drive.


CamScanner allows you to digitize documents and extract text from images. This is the only app on the list that isn’t free. It’s $4.99 per month. If you take a picture of a legal document it auto-adjusts so that it looks like the regular document instead of the skewed version you can get from other apps. If you take a picture of an article or infographic, it will pull the text from that image. If you’re working on notes or writing a blog, it’s a neat tool to have. If you deal with documents, CamScanner is a must-have.


Forest is a task app designed to help keep you focused and fight phone addiction. Have you ever allowed yourself to become distracted by your phone to avoid an unpleasant task? Forest is here to help. All you do is set a timer on your phone for the amount of time you need to do your task. Forest then creates a digital tree and if you touch your phone before your allotted amount of time passes, your tree dies. It’s very upsetting! It’s easy to see how it can help create better habits.It’s super motivating. If you’re a procrastinator, try Forest.


You’re not your most productive when you are distracted, stressed, or upset. Headspace teaches users the art of meditation and helps you connect mind, body, and soul. The first couple of weeks that you use it are exclusively meditation. After that, it takes you through different exercises to help you stay focused and get really connected so that you can do what you need to be doing instead of fighting distractions. If you need to calm your mind, download Headspace.


Expensify tracks receipts and manages expenses on the go. It even includes mileage and keeps up with that in the background. It has an automatic credit card import as well. There is a similar app through QuickBooks that is good but the charting in Expensify is easier to keep up with. If you travel for work, Expensify is for you.

It’s Up to You

All of these apps exist to make your life better but they only work if you actually use them. If you want 2020 to be your most organized and productive year yet, download one or more of these apps and use them consistently. Happy 2020!


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