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by | Oct 15, 2018 | Business Tips, Content Creation, Social Media

Today I want to talk to you about finding current and relevant content to post on your social media channels. Of course, you always want to establish your expertise in your field. But it can be a real challenge if you’re posting 4, 5, or 6 days a week to find awesome content all the time. It’s important that you use what’s happening in current events to tap into your market.


A great example of this is Shark Week, which happened recently. Everybody was talking about it and one of my real estate clients shared a post that said “Houses that are priced too high rarely get a bite,” and had a cute graphic. It was shared 21 times so it was really effective. I love the Shark Week posts because they’re relevant and searchable. That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about, where you really have to tap into what’s going on now.


There’s a website I like for this called National Calendar Day, where it tells you what month, week, and day it is (like October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month). For October, for example, you could talk about safety, about awareness, or about giving back to your community.


Another example if July 4th. Yes, you want a post that says “Happy July 4th,” but what else? There’s more to that. Is it legal to set off fireworks in your neighborhood? What do you do with pets? What are the safety precautions you need to follow? There are lots of things you can do leading up to the holiday that can help you generate additional content. Another thing to consider is how much content  you can get from one article. If you find an article like “Top 10 Safety Tips for Fireworks,” for example, you don’t have to use the entire article at one time. You can take those tips and break them out over several posts and include an awesome graphic.


Another tip is to scan down your news feed and see what your friends are talking about. Chances are, that’s going to be a good way to go. You can also use the hashtag #whatshappening or look at what’s happening locally like what’s happening Gardendale, what’s happening Helena, etc.


So to sum up, find out what’s going on nationally, find out what’s going on locally, and build your content from that. Whatever your business is, you can find ways to tap into current events. Any time you can, tap into what’s going on and create information to go with it.



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