Do You Need a Company Page on LinkedIn?

by | May 30, 2021 | Branding, LinkedIn, Social Media

Do you really need a company page on LinkedIn? Is it relevant to your personal branding? As a small business, are you missing out without one? Let’s look at the facts.


How does it benefit you?


It definitely does benefit you. It demonstrates your knowledge and expertise. It allows you to use the company page as a resource tool. This is especially true if you are in sales. When the company posts and you share it to your own profile, it gives you great content. 


It allows you to gain social proof of your skills and talents. Once someone sees your post or comment on your company page, they can follow that to your profile and see your recommendations and endorsements. This really validates your own skills and talent. 


It also allows you to follow your competition without having to follow as your personal profile. You can network through your company page as well. Not to mention, Google is all about LinkedIn so this is a great way to ramp up your SEO. Not just the company, but your personal SEO.

How does it benefit your company?


Personal branding also benefits the company. When employees are allowed to represent the company at conferences and events, the organization is getting more exposure. Your company will only benefit from additional brand ambassadors.


When you are listing your work experience on your personal page, if there is no company page then that link goes to nowhere. This is a missed opportunity for exposure for your company. However, with a company page, in work history, your logo will show up and be a clickable link that will take potential clients to your page to learn more information about your organization. 


It allows you to showcase your company instead of just an individual employee. If you want to showcase your team’s skill and accomplishments you need a company page. 


Having a company page also allows you to determine whether your posts are effective or not. Without a company page, you don’t have access to the analytics you need. You can showcase your services and announce important news then see if your posts are working through your analytics.

New Features


LinkedIn announced 13 new features this year. Most of them are for your personal profile but there are a few that are for company pages. For instance, you can now invite people to follow your company page. To prevent spamming, you get 100 credits at the beginning of the month. It costs 1 credit to invite someone to follow your page. If they accept, you get the credit back. If they don’t accept, you don’t get the credit back. This prevents people from spamming random invites constantly. Credits renew at the beginning of every month.


You can now download your analytics from your company page. You can see the demographic information and more of the people interacting with your page. This allows you to target your audience more effectively. For larger companies of 200 or more, there is now a company tab where employees can interact on the site. 

Yes, You Need a Company Page


The bottom line is you need a company page. It is quick and easy to set one up and the benefits can be great.


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