DIY Graphics: Creating Graphics Specific to You

by | Jul 15, 2022 | Graphics

Graphics are the best way to make your company stand out on social media. Endless options of websites and apps were created with this in mind. Websites like Canva let you create eye-catching graphics that are personalized to your company. 


Why Use Graphics? 


If you’re anything like me, you need to know why you should make a choice before actually doing it. We have pulled statistics from each platform that explain why graphics are crucial. Facebook users are sharing 684,478 pieces of content per minute. Every day there are more than 500 million tweets processed. 80 million photos are posted to Instagram daily. With so much content on social media, it’s more difficult for brands to stand out and get noticed. Graphics stand out because they are more fun and eye-catching than any normal photo. 


A world of Visual Learners

When it comes to social media, visuals are not optional. They are the best way to gain traction through social media. When making your social media strategy you must include visuals because 65 percent of the population categorizes themselves as visual learners. This means that over half of your audience will be unlikely to absorb your content if you’re not including graphics or photos. 




Online engagement levels are proved to be higher when visuals are included. Tweets with images receive 35% more retweets than tweets without images. Articles with images get 94% more views. Articles with an image once every 75-100 words received double the social media shares as articles with fewer images. Facebook posts with images see 37% more engagement than those without images. 


Image Recall


Statistics show that people are far more likely to remember a person’s posts or recall a company if branded images are used. According to 3M, Research visuals are absorbed 60,000 times faster than text. People can recall visual content up to 65 percent more if it includes visuals. Because so many people learn better from visuals, people are more likely to recall what you are posting when you use them. 


Branded Content is Memorable and Recognizable 

When you are scrolling on Instagram and you see a graphic covered in a certain red and yellow color with a yellow M logo, you know it is from Mcdonald’s. This is because they have always stuck to their colors and logos in all forms of advertisement. Their branding is easily recognizable even at a glance. If you stick to the same colors, fonts, and logo your posts will also be recognized by people who have seen your content in the past. 


Attracting Your Ideal Customer 


When your branding reflects who you are, your ideal customer will want to work with you. They will see your branding and consistency efforts as trustworthy and credible. We have always said that consistency is key. That statement stands true when it comes to attracting great customers. 


Creating Customer Loyalty 


People will come to look for your content based on your branding. People who have seen your branding are more likely to click on or engage with your content because they know that it is you, and they know they have liked your content in the past. Customers will be loyal to engaging with you, or even working with you because your branding is so recognizable. 


Stand Out From Your Competition 


Even if you do something not many other people do, someone out there is doing it. As the saying goes, there are plenty of fish in the sea. One thing you have that can be different from your competition is your brand. Your brand makes you stand out from the other people in your field because it is specific to you. There might be 30 people in your area posting pictures of lawn mowers, but yours will be recognizable because it is in a graphic with your colors, fonts, and logo. 


Building Financial Value

If you don’t plan on running your company forever, you need a way out. Many people choose to sell their brands after they are done working on them. If your brand is established and recognizable, you will make a significant amount of money from selling it. Do yourself a favor and build brand equity. 


Branding Tells a Story


You can see the growth that your company has had through your branding. You grow every day, and your brand will change over time. If you look through your branded photos you will see growth and progression over time. You will see accomplishments, struggles, and growth through your branded content. It tells the story of your business. 


Preventing Copyright Issues

If your content has your colors, fonts, and logos you are more protected from content thieves. No one will want to steal the content you create because it is so specific to you. No one tries to use Social U content on their platforms because it is purple, orange, and has a Social U logo on it. 


Canva Class 


If you are interested in learning how to create graphics on Canva, we will be doing a Canva class for only $10 at the end of July. This offer is exclusive to our Social University Members. The only thing you need to do is join our Social University Facebook group for the low price of $10 per month. 



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