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There’s most definitely an app for that, and by that, we mean everything you could ever want to do with social media. Each person on the Social U team has their favorites, and we’re gonna let you in on how they help us. Many of the programs we love are free or have a reasonable paid option. 


Google Drive

Google Drive is a free program in the Google Cloud system. It is a program with a variety of functions and many of our team members listed it as one of their favorites. You can share projects easily, open any document, and store videos and graphics. 



Asana is a program that our entire team uses daily. It is an organizational tool for planning content or organizing your schedule. You can share folders and make notes on what you have planned. We share our Asana boards with clients and other team members. Asana has a free version, but you can pay for additional features. The pro version is 9.99 per month and the business version is 19.99 per month. The business version allows you to have more users than the pro version. 



Metricool allows you to analyze, manage, and grow your digital presence in one space. You can look at ad campaigns, manage data, and plan social media content all in one app. We frequently use this app for analytics. There are free and paid versions of the platform depending on how many users you need. You also have to pay if you want to manage more than one campaign.



Inshot was the first app that allowed people to quickly apply text to images. You can edit images or clip videos inside InShOt. You can quickly add text or shapes such as arrows in the app. There is a free version and a paid version, but we love the free app. 



If you need an app to edit videos, IMovie is one of your best options. You must have apple software to use this program. If you are a Mac user, this program could be great for you! 



Audacity is a free, open-source, cross-platform audio software. You can record for mac and windows as well as edit recordings. If you need to audit podcasts or video audio, you need to be using Audacity. 



Over used to be the best graphic creation platform. It has many different options for design, but it does not compete with Canva anymore. It is now called GoDaddy Studio (Over): Design. We used to frequently use this platform, but now we use Canva far more often. 



Our entire team uses and recommends the VLLO app. It is the number one app for quickly editing videos. It is the only app that most of our team uses for video editing. There is a free version and a cheap paid version. It is simple to use from your phone so that you don’t pixelate a video moving it from your phone to your laptop or desktop. Editing directly from your phone is a key feature of the app. 



Lively is an easy-to-use app that allows you to turn photos into gifs. If you want an image to move, Lively is what you need. Stories and reels need to have movement to catch people’s eyes. Lively is the perfect app to make this happen. 


Pixel Picker 

Pixel Picker is an image color picker. It makes sure that you get the right color code out of an image for your design. Sometimes Canva won’t pick out the color you need, so Pixel Picker becomes necessary. 


Photo Collage 

Photo collage is perfect for making a single image out of many photos. It has many different design options. You can choose how many images you need and pick a design based on the shape of your images. It is easier to create a collage on a mobile device with Photo Collage than it is with Canva.  


Freepik, Unsplash, and Pexels 

Freepik, Unsplash, and Pexels are programs that have stock photos you can use on graphics or by themselves. Unsplash has the largest library. Pexels has the most stock video options. Canva sometimes does not have the right image. You can find additional images that might work better for your design with these programs. 


Find The Right Program For You!

Each of our team members has a different list of programs they use. They all have a different workloads and need different apps to make their lives easier. Test out the programs on this list and others to find the perfect programs for your needs!


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