5 Apps to Create Unique Content (That You’ve Never Heard of)

by | Jun 18, 2019 | Content Creation, Social Media, Tool and Apps

There’s a little bit here for everybody. I like to research new apps with great reviews from across the board to help you guys really knock it out of the park.


It sounds fake, but I promise it’s a real thing. This is a free iOS app that allows you to tweet recorded audio up to 30 seconds long. The tweet appears as a waveform, which is super eye-catching and a great way to make people stop and pay attention. And you’d be shocked how much information you can fit into a 30-second window. Twitter is a really great listening resource; there are so many people who are on there just to gather information. So this is a cool, fast way to try something a little different.


There’s a free version of the app to play around with, but the professional version is a little bit pricey – $49 a month. But when you find out what it does, you’re going to be amazed. This tool allows you to take a blog post and create a video with that blog content. That is so cool. What it does is take your blog, images and bits of information to pull text and create a video. I tried it out and totally got sucked in with the free version. Anyone can post a link to a blog, but this allows you to share content in a kind of different way that a lot of people aren’t doing. So why not give it a try?


This app falls lower on the price spectrum at $7.50 per month. Easil offers templates for Facebook and Instagram, especially for those who aren’t graphic-oriented. If you aren’t a graphic designer, but want stuff that looks cool, branded and different, Easil is a good way to go. It allows you to select a template and edit the font, the color scheme, the image – you can edit all of it. The app has a great selection of fonts and stock photos that they constantly update so you aren’t getting the same, stale thing.


This is an Instagram app, but you can export the images and use them on different platforms. This is perfect for when you need some social media inspiration. There are templates, tips, tricks, fonts, how-tos and other tools to help you out – all for free. A lot of the times I’ll be in Canva with an idea of what might look good, but then it actually doesn’t. Playing around in this app lets you see what actually works and looks good visually before you post.

Clipping Magic

This photo-editing tool costs $3.99 a month. It works as well as Photoshop, but is so much easier to use. With this app, you can select a certain item in an image, pull it out and get rid of the background. Your lines don’t have to be precise, it recognizes shadows, what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. That is so cool to me. I am not Photoshop-gifted; I struggle with graphics. Virginia is our queen of that. So I have to do what I can with helpful apps like this one.


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