Using Social Media to Thank Your Clients

by | Nov 24, 2022 | Business Tips

What better time to show gratitude to your customers and employees than in November? Social media is the perfect place to show your clients how much you appreciate their business! Although we believe it is important to always thank your clients and team, now is the perfect time to begin. 


Handwritten Notes 

Whether it be for a trusted customer or a worthy employee, a handwritten note can go a long way. The value taken from a note can sometimes vary between age groups. Handwritten notes are often appreciated much more than text or email.



Ensure that you appreciate the hard work your team members put into your business. A comment in a work group chat, a compliment in the office, or a private thank you are all great ways to give kudos to your team. We take the time to give kudos to each other during each of our weekly meetings. Not only does it show your appreciation, but it also keeps good energy in the workplace. 


Feed Your Employees 

What better way to show your employees that you are grateful for them than with food? A paid-for meal goes much further than you might think. We do lunch in the office each Wednesday. Our team members take turns picking what restaurant they would like to order from. Free food is always a great way to say thank you! 


Rewards and Awards 

Give your employees a fun surprise from time to time! We periodically do graphic contests. The winner received a Starbucks gift card. An employee of the month or employee of the year is a great reward to give to your employees! 


Gift Cards 

Offering a gift card for food, massages, therapy, or anything special your employees would like is a great idea! A gift card goals a long way. You can encourage fitness with a gym membership. Use gift cards to encourage your employees to take time for self-care. The more your employees feel your care, the higher level they will perform. 



Ensure that you are touching base with your employees. If someone calls in sick, text them to see if they are okay. Send flowers when an employee has a loss. Touch base with an employee who had a family emergency. Let them know that you are thinking about them and care about the issues in their lives. 


Host Company Events 

We try to have company events as much as possible. When we get together, we celebrate big! It is harder for us to get the team together because we are remote. Events can be virtual or in person. Spending time with your team is a vital part of bringing connection to your work atmosphere. 


Celebrate Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthdays and work anniversaries are a huge deal! Celebrate them each time you get the chance. You can do gifts, bonuses, cupcakes, or dinner. It does not have to be a huge present, but a small act of appreciation goes a long way. 


Education Opportunities

Most employees love the opportunity to become better at what they do. You can make your employees better for themselves and your business by providing these opportunities. Do this by paying them for their time to educate themselves. They can learn through podcasts, blogs, online courses, or books. Encourage training. 


Plan an Annual Retreat 

Not only do retreats provide time for your team to grow closer, but it also is a great time to get input. Nobody knows your business better than your employees. Many times they can share insights with you that you don’t already know. It is vital for growing your company. 


Thank You Notes and Gifts for Clients 

A thank you card or small gift can be a great way to show your clients that you are thankful for their business. It does not have to be a huge gift! For Thanksgiving, a small grocery store gift card would be perfect. Handwritten thank-you notes are one of the most sincere ways to show your care. 


Feature Your Client on Social Media 

It is free for you to shout out your clients on social media. You can do a small business or client of the month post at no cost. It puts your client in front of a new potential client. They will appreciate the exposure more than you might think. 


Give to Your Client’s Charities 

If you have a customer who loves a certain charity, volunteer or donate money. It is an easy way to give back to your community and show your client love at the same time. Participate in the things they show care about. 


Provide Alternatives to Long Time Clients 

When times are rough, sometimes your clients need to see your care. Offer to suspend their services or do something extra for free. If you can help valued customers when they are struggling you should do so. We helped out many of our clients when COVID 19 hit and they lost business. 


Get to Know Your Clients 

It goes a long way to show your clients that you care about them outside of business. Build personal relationships with customers when it is possible. Have conversations with them and check in when you can. 


Support Their Business 

One way you can support businesses is to purchase from them. If this is not possible, engage with them on social media. Have your team follow them. Like their posts, and leave comments where you can. Sharing a post costs you nothing, and it is helpful to small businesses. 


Reward Systems 

Offer discounts and rewards for loyal customers. If they send you referrals, reward them. Give them a discount after they purchase a certain amount of items or spend a certain amount of money. Offer a small free service for some time if they bring in new clients.


Bend The Rules 

If you can add something extra to someone’s service, do it. Add an extra graphic, a small gift, or a training service that you wouldn’t normally do. Go the extra mile if you can do so. 


Celebrate Their Milestones 

Recognize when a client reaches a goal, has a birthday, or reaches a new company anniversary. We celebrate when clients have been with our company for any amount of time. You can ship them gifts, or send them a letter. 


Host an Appreciation Event 

Whether in person or online, you can celebrate. Ship your customer a bottle of wine and enjoy it at the same time as a virtual event. If you can be in person, throw a party or go to dinner. 


Take The Time to Educate Where You Can 

Educating your clients can go a long way. Take the time to teach them about your industry so that they can thrive. Free is better, so if you can give free education you should do it. We have free content on every platform. It will pay off with business in the end. Education is huge in any industry. 


Show Nonprofits Your Gratitude 

When showing your gratitude this season, don’t forget to show appreciation to nonprofits. Sponsor them on Giving Tuesday, give to their cause, and post about them online. It costs you nothing to show nonprofits that you are thankful for the work they do. 


Show the Love 

Every day is the time to show your clients and employees that you care about them. Now is a great time to start because we are quickly approaching Thanksgiving. If you are a client or employee reading this blog, thank you for being amazing. We are so thankful to do the work we do every day. Mostly, we are thankful for you! 



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