Spring Clean Your Marketing Plan

by | May 2, 2022 | Business Tips

This month is all about the dreaded spring cleaning. We have focused on each and every way you can spring clean your business and marketing plan. We want to finalize spring cleaning by teaching you how to spring clean your marketing plan. It is the last piece in the big puzzle of spring cleaning. 




Have you checked your goals recently? Most businesses check their goals after a certain amount of time has passed. Many people’s last goal evaluation was in January, so it is time to look at goal progression. Have you started working on your goals? If not, it is time to start. If your goal was to make a million dollars, you should check your quarterly income to see if you are on the right track. Make sure your goals are taking you in the right direction and you have made progress since you set them. 


Target Client 


Most of the time 80% of a business’s clients will be similar. Look at your clients and see what type of person is spending money. Who is your best client? Make sure your marketing plan is directed at people with similar traits. 


Logo and Branding 

Businesses need to check their logo and branding periodically. Over time images can become pixelated and unclear. It is an easy, quick fix if that is the case. You should also make sure that your logo has a transparent background. If your background has color it will not look right on backgrounds of a different color. Determine if you love your branding and if it functions how you want. 


Get Organized


Being organized looks different for everyone. For you, it might mean that your workspace is clean, but for us, it means that our processes are clean. How are your intake, invoice, and record-keeping processes performing? If part of your business bothers you, fix it. 


Stats and Analytics 

It is time to take a look at your stats and analytics; This includes your SEO. Find out what terms people are using to find your business on Google. Google Analytics is free and extremely useful. It can tell you what keywords people are using to find you. If you sell vehicles and people are looking for cars rather than automobiles you need to be using phrases with the word “cars” on your website. 93% of online experiences begin with a search. 




Take a look at your website from a potential customer’s perspective. Make certain that your website is mobile-friendly because most people are using mobile devices to look at websites. The rate of mobile users is quickly growing and is predicted to rise continuously in the future. Some common mistakes we see on websites are no call to action and unclear wording. Include a call to action on your website and double-check that your wording explains what you do in an easy-to-read, detailed fashion. When you audit your website be harsh on yourself because other people will be. 


Enhance Your Social Media 


It is time to take a look at your social media accounts and see what is functioning best for your business. Check the about section on your accounts to ensure that all your information is up to date. Contact information should be easily accessible. If you have social media accounts with no content you must make the decision to begin posting on them or delete them. No content or infrequent content looks lazy and forgetful. Answer all of your direct messages and comments because people won’t continue engaging if they feel that they are being ignored. Put your face in your social media marketing. Be you so that people will want to engage. 



We are at a point in time where social media is critical for your business. By the end of this year, projections say that video will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. That is 15 times more than in 2017. Every social media platform is pushing video. More specifically, they are pushing short videos like reels, Youtube shorts, and TikToks. Short videos are any video under three minutes, but those that are 60 seconds r less are most successful. When was the last time you posted a short video for your business? 


Email List 


Email is a marketing tool that is all too often overlooked. Statistics show that for every dollar spent on email you will gain $42. For every email address that you have, you can make $1. This means that if you have 1000 emails you can make $1000. Clean up your email list so that it will function better for you. We remove all AOL Addresses because they are lacking in security. Additionally, we remove all repeat email addresses from our list. If Facebook and Instagram shut down tomorrow, you will need a way to contact your customers. Getting contacts such as email addresses is vital for your business. 


Check on Your Clients 

Evaluate your services to find out what changes need to be made. Make sure that your current clients are being taken care of before adding more clients. It is always easier to land further services with current clients rather than bringing in new clients. If you check in with your clients you may find that they aren’t completely happy. It is better to ask and find out rather than lose a customer over an easy fix. Fix what is broken before adding more clients. 


Outsource and Automate 


I am not an accountant, and I would not be good at that job. If I were to do all of the accounting for my business it would take me hours upon hours. I could get it done, but it would be a waste of my time. Time is money. I choose to outsource our accounting needs because it isn’t my specialty. Stick to what you are good at so that you can focus on growing your business. You do not have to be an expert at everything. 


Network, Network, Network!

It all comes down to who you know. Most of our business comes from referrals and people we know because of the network we have built. We have people in our network that we send clients to when they ask for something we do not provide. Be ready to help and it will come back to you. 


Ending April


If you have kept up with our blogs and Facebook lives this month, you should be completely cleaned up and ready for the rest of 2022. We hope that you have enjoyed this series and are looking forward to teaching a new topic in the month of May. If you have specific questions or topics you would like to know more about let us know!



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