Social Media Nightmares: Instagram

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Instagram, Social Media

Last week we talked about Facebook nightmares and all the things businesses should absolutely not be doing on Facebook. This week we will be discussing Instagram. These are things that can cost you business in the long run. 


Low-Quality Video or Photos

There is absolutely no excuse for this in 2021. When Canva is free, or just $12 per month for the amazing paid version, it is inexcusable to see this from a business. You cannot have gritty, grainy, or watermarked photos. If push comes to shove, take your own pictures. Seriously, most people’s iPhones take better pictures than a camera. 


Sometimes a little gritty, behind-the-scenes shots work great for your story but that can’t be your posting default. Even with a goofy, bts shot the clarity still needs to be there. People need to be able to see it. Keep the quality of your photos and videos at a level appropriate for a business.


Too Many Hashtags

Hashtag stuffing is when you put 30 or more hashtags on a single post. Many times these will be random hashtags that are just used to get content in front of an audience. Some will use trending hashtags that don’t have anything to do with what they’re posting. Don’t use #doritos when your post has nothing to do with Doritos. Your hashtags need to be relevant to you and your business. Follow the rule of 3 by using some that are a little bit bigger and industry-based, some that are more specific to you and your geographic area, then some that are very specific to you such as your name, your company name, or your tagline. 


Too Much Selling


When you constantly sell, sell, sell, you are wearing your audience out. The whole purpose of social media is to be social. It’s a place to educate, inform, and entertain. It’s ok to go into full selling mode about 20% of the time but you want to spend that other 80% offering value to your followers. 


Sharing Your Personal Views or Opinions

If you are a conservative talk show radio host, I expect you to have conservative views posted on your social media. If you’re not a pundit, running for office, a preacher, or the spokesperson for a particular viewpoint, please leave it off social media. I’m not saying don’t take a stand. If you believe in Pride month and you want to make a post about it on your page, go for it. However, you can’t insert your opinions and views into all of your posts without alienating a large sector of your audience. When it’s all over your social media, you will even wear out those who agree with you. It’s ok to take a stand. It’s not ok to force your opinion on people on the daily. Those are two very different situations. 


Ignoring Comments and DMs


It costs money, time, and energy to cultivate your following and get people to talk to you. When you do that and then don’t respond to them you’re really just leaving money on the table. When they take their time and energy to reach out and you don’t respond, it is very frustrating for them. The younger the user, the more likely they are to be done when they get no response from you. Make sure you’re talking with your audience when they take the time to talk to you. 


Talking Negatively About Your Competition


Let’s be real. This is just tacky. There’s no need to get online and slam somebody. The outcome will always be that you look petty and bitter. Tell your audience why they should choose you, not why they shouldn’t choose your competition.


Exclusionary Content


Exclusionary content is content that purposely offends and discriminates against people based on their race, gender, religion, or appearance. Not a good idea. You can have massive fallout from this. Major brands have posted content they didn’t think was offensive until they put it out there and their audience went nuts. Don’t let this happen to you. There are advocates on TikTok that make it their mission to take down people who are being exclusionary online. If you aren’t sure whether something is exclusionary, always get a second opinion. Ask someone from a different demographic if they find it offensive. Better safe than sorry.


Wake Up From the Nightmare

You don’t have to make any of these mistakes. Use good judgment, follow these tips, and don’t let these nightmares haunt you.


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