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by | Oct 9, 2022 | Content Creation

Boo! We are back again. The spookiest time of the year is finally here, so why not have a little fun? We have fun-themed Topics planned for the entire month of October. Today we will talk about scary good content ideas for all social media platforms.


Decorate Your Space


Make sure that you decorate your digital and physical spaces. You can change your cover photos and profile pictures to stay in the Halloween spirit. Decorations show your viewers that you are ahead of the plans and ready for the spooky season to begin. 


Halloween Colors and Themes

Set yourself up for a successful Halloween season by using colors and themes that match the festive feels. It is okay to stay inside of colors and themes for a holiday even if it is outside of your branding. You can incorporate black with almost any brand color; green, purple, and orange are also perfect colors to keep the Halloween spirit. When we say Halloween themes we mean incorporating things like witches, black cats, pumpkins, and skeletons into your content. Your content does not need to be too scary, bloody, or gross to stay on the theme during Halloween. There are endless options for Halloween-themed elements on Canva!


Halloween Terms


You should include Halloween terms in your content during the Halloween Season. Even your hashtags can include spooky themes. Spooky, ghoulish, monster sale, spooktacular, etc are great ideas to use. If you can find Halloween puns that make sense for your business they are great to use. People are searching for Halloween themes because it is that time of year. If you have them included in your content you will be able to reach an entirely new audience!



If you plan on having a big Halloween sale or promotion, a countdown to it might be perfect for you! It is a fun way to get your audience excited about upcoming events in your company. Your business will stay on the top of people’s minds. You can use photos of your team in costumes whether it is individual or in a group. 


Trick or Treat Polls


Polls are always a great idea for content because they encourage your audience to engage with you. There are many ways you can frame a poll on your account. “Is ____ a trick or a treat for you this season?” “Which is your favorite treat?” 


Games and Challenges

There are also many ways you can include games and challenges on your social media accounts during the Halloween season. You can hide pumpkins on different parts of your website and have people search for them, have a costume contest, or a contest to name a promo. Social media games and challenges are fun for your audience and help you boost engagement levels. 


Spooky User-Generated Content


If your customers are tagging you in any type of spooky content, you can repost it on your account. If you are a retail company people might tag you in photos of them doing Halloween activities. This is the perfect type of content to share with your other customers! If you have decorations in your office, have clients take photos and tag you in them. Using their images on your page is allowed as long as their post is public. 


Scary Content Related to Your Company

There is always scary content related to every industry. We have done a series for a realtor who talked about the scariest things she has seen at open houses. We normally do a series about the scariest social media mistakes we see. This type of series is a fun way to educate your audience about your industry while also boosting views, comments, and likes. 


Seasonal Discounts, Promos, and Contests


You can run a normal discount and market it with a pun for Halloween. A normal discount becomes more fun and intriguing when it is seasonal and branded for the holiday it relates to. You can also run promos that are directly related to both Halloween and your company. Show how you can use your product for Halloween, or make your product relate to the season. If you are food service, you can make your food themed to Halloween. Contests are also a great idea during the holiday season. Your only limit is your own creativity!


Join Us For More Spooky Content

We have a brewing pot full of fun themes for this spooky season. Tune in every Wednesday on Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube at 10 am to watch What’s Up Wednesday Live! If you can’t make it to the live, you can always find the recap here on our blog! Happy Spooky Season!


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