New Year New Skills: How To Self-Audit Your Social Media

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Social Media

Don’t wait for someone else to notice that there is something wrong with your social media. You should check your social media pages before someone else notices! Keep reading to learn more about how you can audit your social media accounts. 


Make a List or Spreadsheet

Making a list or spreadsheet is vital for the success of your digital marketing efforts. We prefer spreadsheets because we are a digital company. Search your business name and your name on each social media platform so you can see all of the accounts associated with you. You would be surprised how many businesses find accounts that they did not know about. If you make a list you will be able to stay on top of all your pages and profiles. 


Check URLs and Usernames

Ideally, your account names and website URL should all be the same. If you are “jennysellshouses” on one account, it needs to be the same on all platforms. Consistent branding begins and ends with your URL. 


Take a Look at Your Profile and Cover Photos

Covers need to be updated regularly on each platform. All of the information presented on your cover photos should be up to date. You should also check to see that your profile picture is either a new high-quality photo of yourself or a quality image of your logo. You don’t want people to not recognize you when they see you in person. 


Check Your Branding

Your logo and fonts should be consistent. See what fonts your website uses and try to match them in your graphics. If you want to change your logo, have a professional do it. Most businesses and individuals who create logos do it at a decent rate. You can get a branding logo and guide for around $750 and a new logo for $500. If you need a newer, crisper version of your current logo it will cost around $100, and it is worth the investment. If you struggle with your logo it is worth it to get a new one. Invest in yourself and your company. 


Complete and Edit Profiles

Facebook and LinkedIn profiles need to be filled out to increase your potential of getting a lead. Too many businesses leave empty spaces on their profiles. Tell people all about what you do and how it can help their needs. If you get a promotion, volunteer, or join a board you should add it to your profile. Everything needs to be filled out and up to date for you to get the most out of the profile. 



There is an option to add a headline on your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. Your what’s in it for me statement should go here. Tell potential leads what you can do to help them. Why are you of value? Why are you worth their time and money? These are questions you should answer in your headlines. 


Change Your Passwords!

If you do not get anything else out of this blog, you need to get this! Changing your password each month is crucial. There are hackers everywhere waiting to steal anything they can from your social media accounts. Facebook hackers are the most common. If you are a business owner, you probably have your cards attached to your account. Change your password often, and change it to something that is not the same as any other profile. It should be unique and at least 16 characters long. Protect yourself and protect your business by changing your passwords frequently. 


About Section 

Your “about” section should match across all platforms. If your Instagram bio says “We make the Best cakes in the world”, your Facebook “about” section needs to say the same thing. If your “about” section is wrong you should change it. You need to check all links to make sure they still work correctly. 


Check and Redo Hashtags 

Each quarter you should review your hashtags to ensure they are still relevant. There are three hashtag sections. The first section is community. These hashtags have to do with your location. Brand hashtags are the next group. These are more specific to your business and include things like your name or your company’s name. The last group of hashtags is your Campaign tags. These relate to the campaign you are currently running. Some hashtags will always be the same and some will rotate in and out as they become relevant and irrelevant. 


Check Your Insights and Analytics 

We love Hootsuite for analytics. Each platform has its statistics and analytics. You want to see what is working well and what holds you back. You can remove posts that have performed poorly and avoid making the same mistakes in the future. You can also try to create similar content to what works for your business. 


Look at Your Competition

You don’t want to copy your competitors or look at their content frequently. Although, you can see what they are doing. You can get great ideas without copying. Find inspiration and then get off of their page and do your own thing. 


Check Social Media Icons on Your Website 

Make sure that all social media links work. Also, keep them up to date. If you add a new platform, put the icon and link on your website. We recently realized that TikTok was not on our website even though it is our most successful platform. Mistakes happen, but this is an easy mistake to fix. 


Post Consistently

Nothing looks worse than seeing a business never post. People will question if you are still in business if you don’t have any recent posts. Don’t let people think you are lazy and unprofessional. You do not have to post all the time. Two consistent posts each week are plenty if it is all you have time for.  


Start 2023 in The Know 

The new year is the perfect time to look over your social media platforms. See what has worked for you in the past so you can make a plan for 2023. Happy Auditing! 



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