New Year, New Focus

by | Jan 9, 2023 | Business Tips, Social Media

The new year is here, and it is time to refocus your social media. Getting back to work after the holidays can be difficult. You’ve gotten used to watching Christmas movies on the couch and eating non-stop, but now is the time to regain focus on your goals and plans. The basics are the best place to start when it comes to returning from a break. 


Post Regularly 

You do not have to post ten times a day every day. You must have consistent posts on the same day and time each week. You can post three times a week as long as you keep it consistent. Keep a good schedule for posting that you can keep up with rather than trying to post too much and burning out. We say it all the time, but it is one of the best social media tips to remember. 


Be Responsive

If people have taken the time to comment on your post or direct message, don’t neglect them. Show people that you care about what they have to say about your post and you as a business. Nothing is more frustrating as a client than feeling ignored by a business. Provide quality customer service by being responsive. 


Monitor Your Brand 

Look up your brand name across all platforms to see what people are saying about you. You should know if people are positively speaking of you or if they are speaking poorly of you for others to see. Posts and comments about your brand should be responded to and handled promptly. Google Alert and Talkwalker can help you keep an eye on your online mentions. You can also do it manually by searching in the search bar periodically. 


Monitor Your Industry

Imagine you are in a conversation with your client and they mention something about your industry that you aren’t knowledgeable about. Being uneducated on industry topics can cause potential embarrassment. Stay on top of anything that could change or new information that comes out. 


Identify Trends 

You don’t have to only do trendy posts. You need to understand trends that are happening so you know if they can be of value to you. Sometimes a trending song or sound is perfect for your company. Trending filters and hashtags are sometimes useful too. If you’re in the wedding industry, you should know the colors of the year. Each industry has changing trends that you should know about. 


Groups and Forums

If you are on Facebook or LinkedIn you should check the groups in your area. You can often answer questions that relate to your industry. This is a great way to show people you are a knowledgeable person in the industry and they could trust you with their business. Don’t overlook community groups. 


Don’t Overlook User-Generated Content

User-generated content is popular on most social media sites. If someone mentions you, use it. You can repost their posts on most social sites. It is free content and it builds trust with your viewers. 


Check Analytics 

Is what you are working on doing any good for you? If you don’t check your analytics you will never know. Look at where you are getting the best engagement and try to repeat that type of content. If you aren’t getting any engagement, you might want to reassess your process. You won’t know any of this information if you do not look at analytics and insights. 


Define Objectives 

What does success look like to you? You don’t know if you are doing a good job if you don’t have goals. What do you want to happen from social media? Some people want more followers while some would prefer to increase sales. 


Schedule Content

Nothing is worse than being held captive by your social media. Plan your content at least a week before you plan to post. We use and love Asana for planning content. After you have a plan of what you will post, you can schedule your posts. Instagram and Facebook can be scheduled directly from Meta Business Suite. Scheduling ahead will help you avoid stress if something comes up and you can’t post at a reasonable time. 


Bring Yourself Back to The Basics 

Many of us are still recovering from the holiday season and trying to get back into the groove of normal life. Sometimes reminding yourself of the basics can bring you back to a starting point. If you have questions about social media or need help navigating the world of digital marketing, we are here for you! 



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