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by | Feb 19, 2021 | Business Tips

Because Valentine’s Day is this month, we have themed our blogs around love. We love to support local businesses in our area so let’s talk about some local businesses we love. This isn’t an exhaustive list but here are just a few of our favorites.


Foodie Favorites


Ashley Mac’s– Ashley Mac’s is a great local business. Like many other businesses on this list, Ashley Mac’s is female-owned. You can pick up food to go that is made fresh and then put in their freezer so that you can take it home and cook it. Their chicken salad and pimento cheese are especially outstanding. They have multiple locations around Birmingham so if you’re looking for a lunch place, try them out.


Cookie Fix– This tiny business is only slightly wider than their front door and when you walk in it smells like heaven. Their cookies are the best. They’re soft in the middle and crunchy/chewy on the edges with flavor out of this world.


Bluff Park Ice Cream Shoppe– Of course, ice cream is their specialty and you may have guessed that they’re in Bluff Park. One of the neat things that sets them apart is that they offer a flight of ice cream. It’s like a flight of alcohol where you can choose multiple flavors. They come in single-serving cones and are a great way to try out multiple flavors so you can choose your favorite. 


Naughty But Nice Kettle Corn Co.– It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s gourmet popcorn that is amazing. We’ve never tried a flavor we didn’t like. Also, this is another female-owned business. You can order this tasty treat and have it delivered right to your door. 


Wild Roast Cafe– Think of this place as your friendly neighborhood coffee shop. They serve coffee and tea. They’re very service-oriented and their flavors are top-shelf. It’s a comfortable environment to hang out in. They do serve some light food options but the star of the show is the coffee.


Tea and Time– Our office goes through a lot of tea and this is some of the best we’ve ever had. Period. Not only are the flavors magnificent, it really is an experience. We ordered Christmas presents from Tea and Time and we didn’t just get a bag with some teas in it. The presentation was stunning. It made us proud to give the gifts because they were so pretty. There are little extras like a scone or a teacup. There are a ton of options. Check out their seasonal flavors. We highly recommend it.

Eugene’s Hot Chicken– Eugene’s Hot Chicken has restaurants and a food truck. As the name would suggest, they sell chicken. Really really good chicken. Whether you love the spicy stuff or you’re a wimp, there’s something for you. 


The Joyful Food Company– This is your one-stop-shop for clean eating. They offer paleo, whole 30, and gluten-free menu items. They really cater to those who are wanting to eat healthier and cleaner. Also, if you have food allergies, it’s a great place to go.


Retail Favorites


Alabama Goods– This local business is in Homewood and they sell all things Alabama. If you buy it in their store it was made, manufactured, created, or found in Alabama. They are the largest pottery seller in the state. They have some of the coolest, most unique gift items you can imagine. Thor selection runs the gamut from ceramics to BBQ sauce and everything in between. Even their dish towels are fun. Again, if you order a basket or box from them, the presentation is beautiful. Check them out for all your Alabama goods.

The Dirty Hippie– The Dirty Hippie sells clothing, accessories, and assorted knick-knacks like candles. Their clothing line and jewelry are very unique. We really got interested in this business through their solid Instagram presence. It’s a neat little shop for gifts or to treat yourself.


Sojourns Fair Trade– When you shop with Sojourns Fair Trade you can shop with confidence that none of the items were made by child labor, sweatshop labor, or forced labor. They believe in paying artisans fair prices and fair wages so they can work in safe conditions. They work with over 400 artists in 60 countries. 60% are women and many of those women have been liberated or protected from sex trafficking. We love the idea of supporting these women. If you’re looking for a unique gift, you’ll find real artistry here. Many items are one of a kind.  


Service Favorites


Page One Promotions– If you’ve spent any time around the team at Social U then you’ve heard us sing the praises of our web guy. This is our web guy. Most people don’t get this excited about their website hosting, which should tell you something. They are a delight to deal with. Edits get done quickly. They’re reasonably priced and the hosting really is amazing. Why is it so amazing? Unlike most hosting companies, Page One Promotions will do edits without charging extra fees. Also, the owner, Ben, is just the best at what he does.


Annie McDaniel Coaching– Annie is a life coach that offers coaching for businesses. She’s one of the most positive people you will ever encounter. Her coaching is really beneficial and can help your business be the best it can be.


Any Reason to Plan– This company has done one of the smartest things I’ve seen done during the pandemic. Instead of going out and risking coronavirus, Any Reason to Plan will bring the party to you. These “party drops” include a professionally done setup at the home or business of your choosing. It’s a beautiful presentation and leaves a lasting impression. What a genius idea. You can also get traditional event planning here as well for your wedding, birthday party, corporate event, or any other event that you want to do in style. 

PropHouse– There are so many amazing florists in Birmingham that I couldn’t pick just one but PropHouse is the only place that does what they do. If you need a prop for an event, they have it. We used them at our last event. We ordered living room furniture to make our booth inviting. We weren’t sure what we needed or what our vision was and they walked us through the process and helped us pick the perfect design that was absolutely gorgeous. They do everything from tables and sofas to giant letters and some of the most beautiful floral arrangements ever. This is what happens when your florist is also a certified interior designer. Just like magic, your items appear when you need them and are picked up when you’re done.


Momentum– Momentum is a leadership development program exclusively for women. The focus on executive and early-career women. This program is only available in Alabama. There are corporations in other states that send their employees to this program because of the positive impact it has had. Just their free mentor program alone is worth checking out. Their other programs come with a fee but it’s definitely a great value for the enrichment it gives you. Still, they offer so much information for free. They have a podcast called Momentum Matters, an informative YouTube channel, and are doing a virtual event called Focus 2021 soon that is totally free. You can sign up HERE


The Popcast– The Popcast is a local podcast featuring Jamie Golden and Knox McCoy. It’s about all things entertainment that do not matter and it will make you laugh. Seriously, it’s hilarious. On Wednesdays, we Popcast. We highly recommend it.


Community Favorites


Momakat Rescue– Our fearless leader, Caryn, got her 2 furbabies at Momakat Rescue so they are very close to our heart. They are heroes that rescue cats. If you find a cat, you can call them, and they will take it and do their best to find it a loving home. They make sure the cats have their shots, are microchipped, and have been spayed or neutered. They also do their best to interview potential owners to make sure the cats are going to a good home. 

3 Hots and a Cot– This organization is dedicated to the prevention of veteran homelessness. It is run by veterans and is exclusively for veterans. It’s not really a homeless shelter. If a veteran is having issues related to homelessness, they help with services and may provide temporary transitional housing to assist them with getting back on their feet. 


Cahaba River Society– This organization is dedicated to preserving and supporting the Cahaba River. They offer all kinds of educational opportunities for adults and children. The Cahaba River is beautiful and totally worth preserving. 


Lakeshore Foundation– The Lakeshore Foundation promotes independence for people who have physically disabling conditions. It provides them the opportunity to have a healthy and active lifestyle. You have Olympians with disabilities training here. It’s an amazing, cutting-edge facility. People who have sustained injuries come from all over for their rehabilitation program. We can’t say enough good things about them.


Hands On Birmingham– This one actually originated in Atlanta but we are including the Birmingham branch anyway because we think it’s that important. They make volunteering accessible and possible for the masses. If you want to give back to your community but don’t know how you can contact them with your skillset, the number of people, and times available and they will find a volunteer opportunity that matches and send you to it. This organization is part of the United Way and does so much good for nonprofits in our city. You can volunteer as an individual or your company can volunteer 200 people. They will match you up with the place you can do the most good. 


Tip of the Iceberg


We realize that this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many amazing local businesses in the Birmingham area that there is no way we could name them all. However, this is an excellent place to start if you’re wanting to shop local in Birmingham.


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