LinkedIn: To Business Page or Not To Business Page

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Should you have a LinkedIn page for your business? Most everyone has a LinkedIn profile. Google loves it. You can customize your URL which makes you easy to find. So why do you need a business page? Especially if you’re a solo-preneur doing everything yourself. Why take the time? Let’s get into it.

A LinkedIn Page Validates Your Company

This is especially true on your profile. When you have your employment history listed with your previous employers and current employer, you don’t want people to scroll down to your profile and see your name as the CEO/owner of a company with this little gray blob next to your company name because you haven’t taken the time to create your own page. It looks lazy and like you may not really exist. Go ahead and create the business page to validate that presence on your profile. It’s great when people are scrolling down your profile and see your logo. Then, if they want more information they can click through and check out your business page. 

Brand Recognition and Top of Mind Awareness

How are people going to recognize your brand if you don’t use it everywhere you possibly can? The more they see your business, the more they understand what you do and they’re more likely to hire you when they’re looking for the goods or services you provide. 

It Showcases Your Company and Not Just Single Employees

My profile showcases me but the business page focuses on the company as a whole. What do I mean by that? Yes, I’m the owner of my company but I’m not the entire company. I have an amazing team and over the years they have evolved way past me in graphic creation. I would let any of my team members teach a class on graphics because they’re amazing at it. They can all do it on the fly and on their phone, tablet, or laptop. It’s excellent stuff and it’s a service that we can provide that doesn’t necessarily have to be provided by me specifically. So this is a great way to highlight what’s available from your company instead of highlighting you as an individual. 

It Allows Your Employees to Become Your Company Ambassadors

This is tremendous and the power you have in your employee ambassadors is huge. Let me explain. We did our last live event (remember those?) in March. It was the Momentum Conference. I was a speaker and I brought my entire team and we did mini audits for LinkedIn. To get ready for this event I wanted to make sure my whole team was ready and could be put on the spot for questions on the fly so we trained for a couple of months leading up to that. In order to get ready, everyone’s profile had to be just right. We wanted all the cover art to match. We made our summary the same. Part of getting ready also included having everyone share from our company page at least once per week. Well, the craziest thing started to happen. We got sales inquiries from each of the employees based on their activity on LinkedIn. We have a team meeting by webinar every week and we still have people saying that they got a new inquiry through InMail quite often. 

Encourage your team to share updates from your page. If you’re doing it by yourself, friendly vendors can serve the same purpose. You want to team up with other solo-preneurs and business owners. It works great. However, if you’re a business owner with a team, even if there are only 3 of you, if you each are sharing content from your page it carries a lot of weight. 

You Can Measure the Effectiveness of Your Updates

There are analytics available on a LinkedIn business page that aren’t available on your profile at all. Remember that when you’re posting and check those insights. 

You Can Be Alerted When Someone Mentions Your Company

When someone is calling you out, you need to know. They can tag you personally or tag your company. Either way, LinkedIn will tell you. 

It Helps You Promote Your Important News

You can share all your important news, like the news that we announced this week which is the launch of our YouTube channel. (Woohoo!) We launched with a Pinterest series. There are a total of 8 Pinterest videos that are short and to the point. Next up is Facebook. We post twice each week on Tuesday and Friday at 2 pm. I’m so excited. I love free stuff and making resources available to you, so this will be a great way for us to do that. If you’re interested in following us click HERE and subscribe. You won’t regret it. Let us know what you think and what topics you’re interested in.

It Allows You to Showcase Your Services

What does that mean? It’s harder to be sales-y on your profile than it is on a page. It would be normal on my profile to say “hey, we’ve got this great new YouTube channel.” However “we can help you optimize YOUR YouTube channel” is something that would be more appropriate on a business page. It’s much easier to sell and promote products and services on the page.

You Can Speak Directly to Your Prospects

The people engaging with your page are interested in your business and what you’re doing. You can talk to them directly. If they have a question, you can answer the question. Also, it’s a public forum so you can share the information not only with that person, but everyone else as well. 

It Allows You to Engage With Your Community

I think this is the most important one. Community is huge. It’s the underlying marketing trend for 2020. Even before the pandemic hit and restricted us to networking online, community was already the focus. If you’re all about helping your customer and you’re giving out great information, it comes back to you. It will make you do better longterm. 

Build It So They’ll Come

A business page on LinkedIn is important and can add so much to your company. If you haven’t created your page already, don’t waste another minute. Create it today and reap the benefits.


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