Is the New Threads Platform Right for You?

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Are you curious about Threads, Facebook’s Twitter-inspired creation? New platforms often bring up questions and confusion, but fear not! Social U is here to unravel the mysteries, providing you with a comprehensive breakdown of Threads. Discover all you need to know and determine whether it’s your next online destination in this blog!


What is Threads?

Threads is essentially a text-based conversation app created by Meta. It is designed to be a space where you can discuss everything you care about and what is currently trending. You can share texts, pictures, and videos, but it’s essentially another version of Twitter. Meta and Twitter are in competition to determine who can be more successful. Meta capitalized on Twitter’s chaotic state and decided to rival them. Threads is one of Meta’s fastest launches, as discussions about it began in October and it is now available to consumers.


The Stats

Within just two days of its launch on Wednesday, July 5th, Twitter’s web traffic has already dropped by 5%. By July 7th, Threads gained 80 million users, surpassing previous growth records set by Chat GPT. It is the fastest growing platform in history, reaching 100 million users within a week.


How Does it Work?

Threads accounts are categorized in the same way as Instagram: public or private. If you are verified on Instagram, you are automatically verified on Threads. They aim to make it as easy as possible for users to set up their accounts, so it is already linked to your Instagram account. You can keep the same username, account name, and password as your Instagram. Your bio can be the same or different from your Instagram account. You also have the option to import the list of people you are following on Instagram to your Threads page. Getting started on the app is a breeze.


What’s the Drawback?

The catch is that you can’t leave Threads, but you can temporarily deactivate your account. The only way to delete your Threads account is to delete your Instagram account. When you sign up for Threads, you agree to grant access to your location, contacts, search history, browsing history, contact info, device identifier, purchase history, and financial information. Threads and Instagram both have access to this information as soon as you create an account.


Our Official Recommendation

Wait. Give the app a moment to settle itself before jumping on the bandwagon. It’s brand new, and we don’t know what glitches or issues it may have. It has only been seven days. We are hesitant to sign up for anything invasive that can’t be deleted. Although you can delete the app, your account will still remain connected to your Instagram. Watch, wait, and see what happens before deciding to sign up.


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