How to Vacation-Proof Your Business

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Business Tips

This month has been all about the summer slump and how you can keep motivated and organized during summertime. It is so easy to get burnout and content block when the sun is out and the pool is ready for you to relax, but there are easy ways to deal with this issue. Last week we discussed what you should post when you have nothing to post. Next week you will learn how to create content on location. This week we will focus on preparing your business for your vacation time. 




If you aren’t already scheduling, you should be. When you go on vacation you need to be able to relax and live in the moment. You can not do this if you are worried about what to post at 3 pm on Friday. You will end up spending more time in a frantic state about what you should post and how to get it done in time than you would if you simply planned ahead of time. 


What Should You Use to Schedule? 

Scheduling is easy if you are using the right sites to do it. You can plan Facebook and Instagram Posts through Facebook Meta. You can take care of scheduling for LinkedIn and Twitter through Hootsuite. Pinterest can be scheduled through Tailwind


Take Caution When Sharing Your Location


It is a good idea to avoid posting about your vacation while you are still on vacation. It is also smart to avoid posting from your vacation location because geo trackers are connected to your posts. When you post on vacation you are announcing to the world that your house is empty and your belongings are up for grabs. Post your vacation photos when you are home!


Take a Break 

If you’re anything like me, it is difficult to take a break. When you’re vacationing it is a must that you take a break anyway. You don’t want to miss out on the fun or have stress about work when you’re trying to enjoy your vacation. Let someone monitor your accounts while you’re absent and enjoy yourself. 


Plan and Batch Your Content

If you decide to post about your vacation, try and plan ahead on what type of content you want to get. If you want to get videos and pictures of the beach, a sunset, or a fun hike, try and get all the content at once. This will allow you more time away from your phone, present for the memories you will make. 


Vacation Content


When you take videos and photos they don’t have to have a purpose when you take them. Take photos and videos of fun and interesting things and save them to use later. You can create a graphic, caption, or put a sound on a video when your vacation is over. 


Don’t Embarrass Yourself 


The last thing you want to do is post something while on vacation that you will regret later on. If you’re posting with alcohol, post a photo with a glass of wine at a restaurant table rather than a drunken video in the bathroom of a bar. Consider the image you want your customers to have of you before putting anything on the internet. Once it is online, you can’t take it back. 


Vacation Highlights 

Take photos and videos highlighting the interesting things you get to see on vacation. Maybe you ate at a delicious restaurant or went on a scenic hike. Highlights make great content for social media!


Is Your Vacation Business Proofed? 


The best thing you can do to business-proof your vacation is to schedule ahead. Make a short list of the content you want to get on vacation and get it done all at once. Most importantly, enjoy your vacation time!



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