How to Combat Posting Fatigue

by | Aug 20, 2021 | Business Tips, Content Creation, Social Media

If you have been posting on social media for more than a minute, chances are you have experienced posting fatigue. Constantly coming up with fresh content can wear you out. Today we will explore different ways to combat posting fatigue. 


Mix It Up


This sounds really simple but a lot of people won’t do it. If you normally post a URL that goes to an article, maybe post a graphic instead. If you normally post a meme, maybe try an article. Go for a different kind of content to help you get out of your own way. Anytime you make your brain think in a different way it helps you overcome the obstacles obstructing it. 


Post a Contest or Giveaway

This is a great way to get around posting fatigue because it takes it out of your hand. You just have to come up with something to give away. Most people would slap their mama for a $5 gift card. It doesn’t have to be some big, extravagant prize. People love contests. If you’re out of ideas, try a giveaway.


Cross-Promote from One Platform to Another


One of our biggest pet peeves at Social U is feeding content from one platform to another. For instance, you don’t want to post on Instagram and have it automatically send that same post to Facebook as it is being posted. The hashtags won’t translate and it looks lazy. Plus, if you are posting the same content in both places every day there is no incentive for your audience to follow you on more than one platform. 


That being said, can you share content from one platform to another? Absolutely! How does that work? Say you have an amazing graphic on Instagram today. Wait a few weeks then share it on Facebook with a different caption. Don’t feed it automatically but let some time pass and repurpose it on a different platform.



We are firm believers in blogging. It does wonders for your SEO. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your site. 50 is the magic number. Once you hit 50 blogs posted you will really start to see a difference in your reach. 


How does this help you with posting fatigue? There are so many different ways to utilize your blog for social media content. Also, when you are researching the material for your blog, it triggers different ideas for posts in your head. You should be able to get at least 5 different, high-quality posts from a single blog. You can convert it on Lumen5. You can convert it to audio. You can quote yourself, which is a little unusual but totally ok. If the content is good, the content is good and it doesn’t matter who said it. Don’t overlook your blog when you have posting fatigue.


Change Your Posting Schedule


If you have been doing your scheduling in the morning, do it in the afternoon. If you have been doing it in the afternoon, try doing it in the morning. It’s also a good way to tell if your audience is engaging at the optimal time. Sometimes we discover when we switch from the morning to the afternoon, we get better engagement. You should probably test that periodically anyway just to make sure you are being the most effective. 


Involve Your Followers


This can look like several things. It can be posting user-generated content. It can be a fan highlight. It can be asking a specific question or using a testimonial. Any of that material will work and help you get around your posting fatigue. User-generated content is one of the best types of content because it shows that people like your product or service and people love to be posted by their favorite brands. It makes the post more likely to be shared. 


Take Care of Your Own Mental Health

If you have been doing this for any amount of time you are going to have some negative comments. That’s just the way the world works. It’s very important that you have a plan to deal with the negative. If you already have a plan in place, it takes that mental stress off when you get a negative comment. There’s nothing worse than being in a heated situation and not knowing which way to turn. 


Taking care of your mental health can also look like stepping away for a minute. This can look like journaling, taking a walk, breathing exercises, or listening to some music. It doesn’t have to be for 2 hours. 10 minutes can make a world of difference. It’s not only ok to take time for yourself, it’s necessary.


Have an Idea Parking Lot

You need a location to park future ideas. For example, if you are on TikTok and see some good information, there is an app called PinTok where you can park that idea. It’s like Pinterest for TikTok and allows you to organize your TikToks in folders. You can go back to it later for motivation or inspiration. Pinterest is also a great parking lot for ideas. See a great article you want to reference later? Park it on Pinterest. You can have hidden boards that no one else can see where you can store your information until you are ready to use it. 


Schedule Yourself Downtime


Again, it’s important to make sure you take care of your mental health and making sure to schedule your downtime will make sure you actually have downtime. You need time away from your computer. It is extremely beneficial to your creativity to take time for lunch, away from your computer, every day and to make sure you are taking days off.  What you schedule is what will most likely happen. 


Make a Plan and Post


Hopefully, these ideas will help you push past your posting fatigue and get back at it. Remember, consistency is key when it comes to your social media.


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