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Now that we’ve talked about which platform you should be on it’s time to discuss how often you should post. Not posting enough will make followers lose interest. Posting too much will annoy your followers and they will hit that unfollow button. What is the magic number?




Facebook is still the biggest platform out there. The minimum for your Facebook page is 3 times per week. Ideally, you want to post once per day, 5 to 6 days per week. Posting multiple times daily isn’t the best idea unless you have a huge following and they are super engaged. Most pages can’t handle that. Hubspot found that pages with under 10,000 fans experienced a 50% drop in engagement per post when posting more than once per day. We’ve seen this happen with clients who get overzealous in their posting. There are companies with high engagement that can afford to do this, especially on high-traffic days like Friday and Saturday. That’s not most businesses. Stick to 3-5 times per week. That’s your sweet spot.



The minimum number for Pinterest is 3 per day. The ideal is 5 to 10 pins per day, 5 days per week. That sounds like a lot and it kind of is. Fresh pins carry more weight than repins. The first 5 pins of the day are weighted the most heavily so make sure those are pins of your own content. Aim for 50 to 60 pins per week. Don’t forget that you can schedule your pins through Tailwind so that you don’t actually have to get on Pinterest every day. If you can’t do 50-60, don’t stress out. Stick with 3 per day consistently instead of being overwhelmed.




2 to 3 posts per week is minimum for LinkedIn. The ideal would be 3 to 5 posts. Because LinkedIn is a business platform, you are going to only want to post during business hours, Monday through Friday. You need to be posting for yourself and your business page. If you can post 3 times per week for each, that’s great. The minimum would be twice each and the maximum would be 5 each. Just a heads up that when you are posting for yourself and your business page, that’s a lot of content. Stick with what you can maintain consistently. 



Speaking of a lot, let’s talk about Twitter. The minimum for Twitter is 1 per day. That’s like throwing a pebble in a lake and expecting the people on the other side to see the splash. It’s probably not going to happen. Ideally, you want to post 3 to 10 posts per day. There are companies that post 100 times per day on Twitter. Twitter is very time-consuming, so unless that’s where your best audience is, it may be too much. If you can tweet once per day, I will say that it can help your stats because Google tends to love Twitter. However, don’t stress if you can’t keep up with the 3 to 10 posts per day. 




YouTube is a bit less demanding. They only need to see you once per week. Can you do 2 or 3 videos per week? Absolutely. Just remember, YouTube likes consistency so you don’t want to post 3 times per week for 2 weeks then post nothing for a month. That will hurt you. If you’re going to post Tuesdays at 2 pm they want it to always be Tuesdays at 2 pm. It allows Google to send people where you’re going to be at the time you’re going to be there. Don’t forget that, unlike on other platforms, you really have to use those keywords on YouTube to get found and have that engagement. People who watch you on Facebook come to Facebook to watch you. People who watch you on YouTube discover you. If you want to be discovered, post consistently at least once per week and use those keywords. 



TikTok is so new that there are no official stats on it yet. The experts and influencers who have grown rapidly on TikTok have an opinion and they say one per day is the minimum. If you’re going to do TikTok you need to do at least 1 per day, 5 times per week. Ideally, you want to post 3 times per day. They’re not long videos, but that’s a lot of content. You need to make a list of video ideas. Getting in front of the camera every day with no plan will get exhausting. Batch your content to make it easier.




Yes, blogging. Blogging is still important for your business. It’s great for SEO and is one of the best ways people can find you online. One blog per month is your absolute bare minimum. Ideal would be 1 per week. If you have the time, energy, and inclination, 2 per week is great. 50 is the magic number. Once you have 50 blog posts, that’s when people start to find you through your keywords on Google. It worked for our business. One solid blog can generate a ton of content for your other platforms too. You definitely need to be blogging. 




Instagram has changed the game by not only allowing you to post regular posts, but also IGTV, stories, and reels. It’s a lot of content. You want a minimum of 3 posts per week but 1 per day is ideal. I’d say 5 to 6 days per week is best. No one needs to hear from you 7 days per week. Schedule some downtime. Everyone needs that. The numbers are the same for stories. 3 times per week is the minimum. Once per day is ideal. If you have multiple stories in a row, Instagram will put them back at the front of the line until a user has seen them all. The minimum for reels is one per day. Like TikTok, if you want to get found you have to invest the time and energy to post on the daily. 2 to 3 per day is even better. If you want to do IGTV, once a week is fine. You don’t get a lot of traction on IGTV like you do with reels and stories. 


Consistency is Key

Remember, whether you’re posting the minimum times per week on a platform or the ideal amount if it’s not consistent it won’t work. Schedule it out. Use a content calendar. Do what it takes to post on the regular and see your social media shine.


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