How Going Live Will Grow Your Business

by | Mar 30, 2023 | Content Creation

Need an effective way to grow your business? Go LIVE on social! Getting out of your comfort zone and going live on any or all platforms is a great way to engage with your audience. Keep reading to find out the tips, tricks, and trends to going live on social media. 



If you are thinking about starting live video sessions, statistics show that it is a good idea. Facebook live videos drive three times more engagement than traditional, regularly uploaded content. People comment ten times more on live videos than they do on pre-recorded videos. Live videos are watched three times longer than other videos. Facebook is still the most popular platform for live video content. The longer a live video is, the higher the engagement rate will be. 82% of people prefer live videos over text-based posts. If you haven’t incorporated live videos, now is the best time to start! 


Choose the Right Platform 

Almost all platforms have the option to do live video. You can go live on multiple platforms, but you don’t want to waste time on platforms that aren’t getting engagement or helping you grow. We stream to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram every Wednesday at 10 am. If you have the best engagement on one platform in particular, you can just go live on that platform. If you want to use multiple platforms, that is great too. 


Plan Engaging Content 

If you want good results from live video content, you must talk about what people want to hear. Recent updates in your field are great topics to cover. You can plan your lives so that you know what to talk about. If your field is changing quickly you might consider planning in shorter time spans such as a month in advance. If your field is set in stone you can plan a year or more. Having a plan will hold you accountable and help you avoid the last-minute scramble for an idea. 


Notify Your Audience 

We notify our audience through StreamYard. When we set up a live event, it notifies the audience on each platform. You can also post about the live to let your audience know you will be live. If you have a set day and time each week you will be more likely to establish a routine with your viewers. The notification of the live will serve as a reminder for people to join!


Engage and Encourage Questions 

The more engagement your live gets, the more likely other people are to see it and join in on the fun. Ask questions and allow your audience to ask you questions. You can do live Q&A sessions that will encourage your audience to ask any questions they may have about your business or the industry you work in. 


Be Responsive 

You will most likely get comments on your live. You can answer some comments as they come in while you are still live. Some people will watch the live stream later and leave comments. Be sure to monitor and respond to all comments you get. 


Include a Call to Action 

Get in the habit of telling people what you have to offer. If you are offering a free download, class, sale, or product, a live video is a perfect place to advertise it. Give people a hook so that you can get their email and put them in the sales funnel. 


Pick a Program 

You can use zoom for live videos, but we prefer StreamYard. It allows you to stream live on multiple platforms so that you can get the largest audience possible. It also has amazing branding features. You can set a background, add your logo, display comments, have an interview screen, and more. It has useful features that other programs don’t. 


Check Your Internet Connection 

Nothing is more frustrating than finishing a live and realizing no one could hear or understand you the entire time. If it is possible, disconnect other devices from the Wi-Fi you are using. Do your best to ensure that your internet is capable of supporting your live stream.


Lighting and Sound 

It is important to have quality lighting and sound in any video content you produce. Good lighting makes everything better. Find a setting where you are facing a window if you want to use natural light. You can also purchase a ring light from amazon if you don’t have a good place to record in natural lighting. If you are struggling with sound quality, it might be worth investing in a microphone. Click HERE to find the ring light we use, and HERE to find the microphone we use. 


Level Camera 

No one looks good when their camera is angled up their nose. No one wants to see that, and you shouldn’t want them to. You can get a laptop elevator or use a stack of books to keep your camera level to your face. Click HERE to see what we use to keep a good camera angle in videos and meetings. 


Late is Better Than Never! 

If you have not already integrated video into your marketing plan, late is better than never. It is weighted higher on almost every platform and is the best way to get engagement from your followers. If you want to grow your business, live video is the right choice for you! 


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