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by | Feb 8, 2019 | Content Creation, Graphics, Social Media, Tool and Apps

Today I want to talk about the best free graphics apps and programs that are not Canva. A lot of people use Canva and you start to see some image repeats, so I want to talk to you about some unique tools.


  1. Pexels

Pexels is known for its great tags, which means it makes the stuff easier to find. Sometimes if you’re looking for a generic image, like say a generic computer image, Pexels makes it easier to find that content.


  1. Pixabay

All of these have great collections, but Pixabay doesn’t just have photos, it also has vector and art illustrations, which is a little unusual. It’s a cool place to get something a little more unique.


  1. Unsplash

This is one of my favorites and we use it a lot. It has probably one of the largest collections. The whole reason that you need to have free resources for images is if you snag an image off Google — and I still see people doing this today — you can get in big trouble for copyright infringement. It’s very important that you use images that are free, that you have access to. Google is not necessarily the way to go when looking for a picture, especially if you’re doing something like a contest that a lot of people are going to see. You need to be careful and protect yourself, so make sure you’re using images that aren’t copyrighted.


  1. Reshot

Reshot has a reputation for being of the most unique, so if you’re looking for something that nobody else has it’s the place to go.


  1. Foodie Factor and Foodies Feed

These are for foodie pictures. Very similar apps that specialize in food images. Well, so what? Well, if you’re looking for an image of coffee for a stat or for a giveaway, these two are great resources for that. If you want to talk about the great opportunity you discussed over lunch today but you didn’t take a picture, you can go in one of these apps and find a lunch image to use.


  1. Burst

Burst was built specifically for entrepreneurs and business owners and it’s around theme-based niches. There’s a theme for real estate, there’s a theme for beard grooming — because that’s hot right now — a theme for runners, for IT folks. It’s cool and you’re gonna find stuff here that nobody else is going to have.


  1. New Old Stock

This is also very cool and unique. It’s a collection of vintage photos from public archives. You’re going to find some of the coolest black and white images here. So neat, and you’re not going to find them anywhere else.


  1. Styled Stock

The last one on our list today specializes in images for women. I don’t know what qualifies an image to be “for women,” but they have a lot images like pink laptops and pink cups. They also have a lot of really good computer images. We use a laptop or a phone pic a lot for stats and you can wear it out because there’s only so many images you can get of a computer. Styled Stock has a lot of unique images that nobody else is going to have, because nobody knows to go there!


These are just a few of my favorites that we use pretty often. You can of course use Canva, they have some great free stuff. These apps and programs have paid options as well, which will be watermarked. You want to be careful with images, so try these sites for royalty-free images to use in your marketing.



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