Are You Story Savvy?

by | Jun 12, 2021 | Business Tips, Instagram, Social Media

All this month we are talking about Instagram. Today we are specifically talking about stories. Do you need them? Will they help your business?


Story Stats

Current surveys indicate there are a billion Instagram users every month. Around 500 million of them use stories everyday. At least 200 million users visit at least one business on Instagram each day. So, should your business do it? Absolutely.


FOMO is Real

One of the main reasons stories do so well is that FOMO is real. People have a serious issue with the fear of missing out. Because stories are temporary and not all businesses save their stories, people feel like they have to check them before they go away. 


Here are 5 more reasons you really need to implement Instagram stories into your digital marketing plan.


More Engagement


With stories you will have higher engagement with existing users. Your content can have discount codes, last minute offers, behind the scenes, and more. This kind of content encourages engagement with your current followers. 


Reach New Clients


Instagram stories also help you reach new clients. You see this a little more with Instagram reels because they show up on the Explore page, but stories have their place here too. Stories are discoverable so you have to take advantage of hashtags and tagging other people. Any time you tag in a story other people can see it, especially if you have the proper hashtags. Don’t omit those things when you’re posting your stories. That way new people can see your content.


More Leads and Conversions


Once you create an engaging story, it gives the user a way to interact with you. You can ask that they direct message you or go to your website. You can definitely have a call to action and generate leads through stories. You can do it with a poll or question. You can even just tell them to go click the link in your bio. These actions allow you to convert at a higher rate. 

Drive Traffic with Links


You can drive traffic by using links in your stories. If you have at least 10,000 followers, Instagram gives you the option of embedding links directly into your stories. People can swipe up and go to your website, your blog, your shopify, or wherever you want to send them. There are some businesses that get that opportunity before they hit 10,000, so you need to check and see if you have the option even if you don’t have 10,000 followers yet. If you don’ thave access and you don’t have 10,000 followers, just tell people to click the link in your bio. 


Story Ads


Yes, you can put ads in stories. I highly recommend it. 75% of users take action, like making a purchase or going to the website, once they see an ad. That stat is crazy high! 


Tell Your Story


Those are 5 compelling reasons to start using Instagram stories today. Whether you are using images or videos, stories will benefit your business.


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