Apps You’re Going to Love for Valentine’s Day

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Tool and Apps

Today we’re talking about apps you will love for Valentine’s Day. Of course, you can use these any time of the year but they’re great for Valentine’s Day and I’m sure there are a few nobody’s heard of yet. So let’s talk about apps that are going to make you feel some love!

Now, this might sound silly but it’s not. For folks who are busy and have a lot going on, two of my favorite apps are Shipt and Walmart Pickup. I jokingly refer to them as my “husband apps” because I don’t have anybody to send to the store. I love these apps. The rest of the apps on my list are a little more festive, but these two save a ton of time. They make me plan ahead especially if I’m shopping for the whole week. It saves me the irritation and calories long-term by avoiding impulse purchases. Of course, Shipt comes right to your house. I do pay for the privilege of using Shipt but it’s awesome because they call you before they leave the store and ask if you need something else. I always need something else. Walmart Pickup is totally free, you just have to fill it out online and go pick it up. I run carpool in the afternoon and pick it up on the way home, easy peasy. If you’re going to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home, order it online and have it delivered or go pick it up!

Let’s say you want to get some delicious food delivered for Valentine’s Day. Two apps that can help with that are Uber Eats and Postmates. Both offer delivery locally. My team member Virginia swears by Uber Eats, it’s her favorite thing since sliced bread, and she’s probably ordered sliced bread from Uber Eats. It’s an awesome app that brings food directly to you. I think just about every restaurant in the city participates so if there’s something you’re wanting and you don’t want to fight the crowds it’s great. If it’s on Valentine’s Day you’re probably going to want to order a little ahead because I promise you there’s going to be a wait. But it’s so much easier than getting out and into all that chaos of Valentine’s Day dinner out.

The third thing we’re going to talk about today — and this is cool, you might not know about this one — is called Open Table. Open Table is an online app that allows you to make restaurant reservations in the city you live. It’s so cool! Totally free, too. You just tell it where you want to go and fill in your information and it makes the reservation for you. You don’t have to waste a bunch of time on hold or waiting for the restaurant to open, you can do it whenever you have a minute to do it.

I think our fourth one is really unique, it’s called Felt App. Felt is a card app that allows you to customize cards specific to you. You can pick out the design and the font, you can use your finger to write a handwritten message, or you can write out the message using a pen for your iPad. You can even add your own pictures. It’s cool and totally personalized. I think it costs $4 to make a card, which is what it would cost you to buy a card in the drugstore. And this is personalized, plus you don’t have to leave your office or home to do it. It’s a great way to show somebody some love. To anybody who doesn’t know me, I am a big card person. I am all about the proper card for the proper occasion. Being able to bring my personality to a card makes me happy, I love the idea of being able to do that.

Let’s say you just need a gift because you already have dinner plans, this last app — well, it’s really more of a website — is great and it’s local. If you guys haven’t heard of Alabama Goods, I’m here to tell you it’s awesome. It is a local store that only sells local products from local vendors and it has some of the most unique gift items I have ever seen. I have been purchasing client gifts from them for forever and I love it. They have a wide range to choose from with cool guy ideas and cool girl ideas. They have the largest selection of pottery in Alabama, who knew? They have jewelry, food, and they have delivery! You can call and get a basket made and have it delivered to your favorite person at their workplace. It’s just neat, and it’s local! They literally have something for everybody.


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