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by | Feb 14, 2022 | Tool and Apps

February is the month of love, so this month Social U is teaching you everything that we love as a social media marketing company. Last week we focused on resources we love, and this week we will share the apps that we love. Although there are many graphic-creating apps that we love, we have decided that we will focus on other apps that we love. Graphic-creating apps are a subject of their own. 




Todoist is the first app that we love at Social U. Todoist List is a free app that helps you manage your time and maximize your productivity. It allows you to flag, comment on, or assign your tasks to other individuals. Trello is another great app for creating to-do lists, and it is also great for communicating with a team. Each person on a team has their to-do list, but they can see others’ lists and even assign their tasks to other people on the team. Trello also allows you to store client information and passwords in the app. 




Asana is an extremely useful social media scheduling app that allows content creators to schedule content as far out as they would like. It also allows content creators to share their boards with other team members and their clients. In asana, you can add graphics and captions. Clients can pre-approve content and make comments on things they want to change. It is a great tool for easy client and team communication. 




Toggl is another app that we love to use at Social U. It is a time tracking app that informs you on how much time you are spending on different projects. It is very visually appealing and easy to understand at a glance. It is extraordinarily useful for improving time management skills. You could be surprised how much time you are spending on one project. 




Fantastical is an outstanding app that we love at Social U. Have you ever thought of something you need to put on your calendar, but you were driving or couldn’t have your phone in your hand? Fantastical is an easy solution to this problem. It is a voice-activated calendar app that is connected to google calendar. It is extremely convenient and easy to use. Best of all, it is free!




Calandly is an app that is used to eliminate time spent communicating time availability. The app allows users to create available time blocks and share a link with people they need to meet with. It makes scheduling meetings easy and even sends the person you are meeting with contact information. If you have a meeting over the phone you can share your phone number through Calendly. Calendly is completely free unless you need to break your schedule into categories. 




If you are looking for an additional reminder app, Due is a great option. It is not free, but you only pay 6.99 one time to use it. Due allows users to make lists, set reminders, and create deadlines. Although google calendar has similar functions, Due is a great alternative if needed. 


Dropbox and Google Drive 

Google Drive and Dropbox are meant to help people save space in their phone and computer storage. Folders in Google Drive can be shared with multiple people including clients and a team. It helps to keep document sharing easy and organized. Dropbox is great for sharing longer videos. Google Drive does not always have the capacity for videos so it compresses them. 




CamScanner is an app that is used to scan any text. Many different apps can be used as a scanner, but CamScanner is the only appliance that allows its users to extract text from images. It can even be used to extract text from a PDF. This is an extremely useful feature because you can edit and sign PDFs with ease. 




Cloze is the solution to the struggle of managing messages from multiple different platforms. The app takes snippets from all different social media platforms and emails you a contact list. It puts everything you need in one uniform place to make managing your business much easier. 



Pocket is completely free and helps its users become much more organized. We love organization at Social U. It is a chrome extension app that grants its users the ability to save articles in one convenient location. Have you ever found a great article but could not find it later when you needed it? Pocket eliminates this problem. 




In today’s world, it is extremely easy to get distracted. Social media notifications, text messages, emails, and other notifications are tempting and can often cause a project to be pushed back. Freedom is an app that helps people avoid the many temptations that might take them away from work. The app blocks social media sites, emails, and other distracting notifications from popping up during your work time. 




Forest is another task app that helps its users avoid distraction. When you are ready to work, you enter your desired amount of time and watch a tree grow. If you use your phone your tree will die. You must leave your phone alone and focus on your work unless you want to kill your tree. The app is also a nonprofit to grow trees in real life. Forest is a fun visual reminder to stay on task. 


Be Focused 


If you work best in timed sessions with breaks, Be Focused is a useful appliance that can help you to be more productive. Be Focused breaks your day into 25-minute focus sessions followed by five-minute breaks. Allow yourself to have better focus when you have a set time for work and a set time for breaks. 



Meditation is an art that many people struggle to master. Headspace is a free app that helps its users clear their heads and spend time in meditation. The ten-minute meditation sessions found in the app promote relaxation and enhanced focus. 




TikTok is one of the most popular apps right now. A major problem in TikTok is that once you have liked a TikTok it disappears into a void of the many videos you have liked. Of course, you can save videos onto your device, but this takes up a large amount of storage. PinTok is an app that aims to solve this problem. On PinTok, users can create folders with names to save TikTok videos. Once you save your videos on PinTok they will be much easier to find in the future when you need them. 


Give Them A Try! 


You can never have enough apps to help you keep your life and business organized and easily manageable. At Social U, we love getting the most use out of as many different appliances as we can. Make your life easier and try out new apps! 


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