2023 Social Media Predictions

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The new year is almost here! Social media changes quickly, and it is our job to keep up with those changes. We keep up with them so well that we can often predict what will happen in the future. We have successfully done this in the past, and it is fun to look back on. 


What did we predict for 2022? 

  1. We predicted that TikTok would become the #1 social media platform. We were correct. They forced facebook to pay attention and caused short-term video to become primary on every platform. People 
  2. Long-form video only working on YouTube was another prediction for 2022. We were also correct here. Short-term video works best on every other platform. 
  3. We predicted that groups would become prominent on Facebook, and they have. 

We had many predictions come true last year, and we have a strong list of predictions for the upcoming year. 


Video is Prominent on Every Platform

By the end of 2023, there will be no option to be successful on social media without video. People are captivated by video, and we do not see that changing any time soon. Now is the time to begin using video as a part of your marketing strategy. Instagram has basically made it impossible to grow without doing reels. 


Authentic and Transparent Experience

Users in 2023 will demand a more authentic and transparent experience. No one wants to see the polished, perfect influencer anymore. The more that you are yourself, the more likely you will be to get traffic on your content. Be relatable, funny, quirky, or whoever you are. No one is perfect and you won’t have to pretend to be online in the future. Filters will never go away but the transparency of the person behind the filter is vital. 


Customer Service 

Brands that are blind to customer complaints will not do well in 2023. If your brand has an issue that becomes public, it should be dealt with publicly. The younger your audience, the faster your response is expected to be. Many people want a response within an hour and most people expect a response within 24 hours. 


Businesses Working With Content Creators 

Businesses in 2023 will need help with video recording in the future. Content creators can help businesses move forward on social media sites. Educating and entertaining is the best type of content to have. Having more content is critical. 


Separation of Content Based on Platform 

In 2023 you can expect companies to post different types of content on each social media platform. Using the same content on every platform has never been good, and businesses will catch onto this more in the new year. There will be some crossover, but posts with different captions at different times will be the new normal. 


SEO Growth Based on Individual Platforms 

Social media sites like TikTok have passed Google as the number one search engine. Each social media site has individual requirements for you to grow in search results. If you don’t do idea pins on Pinterest, you will have a dead account. You will have to boost SEO on social media sites as well as Google. 



Facebook will start showing more recommended feeds as the year goes on. Facebook wants to get better about showing you new content rather than just who you follow. Facebook is moving away from promoting external links. They don’t like shortened links or links to other sites. If the content is good, it might work. They are moving away from social media and becoming more of an entertainment app. People will continue sharing posts as a DM with their friends rather than sharing content. There will be more ads in messenger, and more interaction in the metaverse. 



Instagram will continue to push reels because short videos are what people want to interact with. You will also see more recommended content on Instagram as the year passes. Influencers are less popular than ever before, and this is causing a massive change on Instagram. Live shopping will become much more prevalent on Instagram. They want you to shop on the platform. 



If you haven’t already heard, Twitter is a mess right now. They let a large portion of their employees go and they are having a difficult time with authentication. Their customer service staff is mostly gone and they are struggling to keep up with a large volume of angry people. If Twitter is still around next year it could look completely different and even be owned by someone new. 




Pinterest is making many new changes. They will be bringing a new idea called Pinterest TV to reality in 2023. They are also pushing the creator fund. They give creator funds based on industry. There will be more diverse industries in the future, and they will push live shopping. 



LinkedIn will be focusing on integrating video tools in the future. They will also allow analytics for jobseekers so they can see their reach. There will also be an audio push on the platform. They want to have an audio room for individuals and groups. We do not think the audio push will work, but we will probably see it this year. 



TikTok will continue to grow and thrive in 2023. People love the app and will continue to spend time on it. Creators may not make as much money in 2023 because there are more creators and it will be harder to get content out for the world to see. Revenue is spread out between more people, so creators will get less money. 


Happy New Year! 

We are so excited to see how digital marketing continues to grow and thrive in 2023. There will be many changes, but we are here to help you stay in the know. Next week we will discuss how you can rock 2023 with social media.


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