The Truth About SEO

by | Aug 15, 2022 | Business Tips

SEO stands for search engine optimization. You might be familiar with SEO and not know the important details, or you could be an SEO newbie. Either way, I am here to teach you everything you need to know about SEO. SEO is how people can find your website when they search on Google. You must rank on Google so that people can find your services!


Research Keywords and Phrases


Google Keywords is a free tool that Google provides. It takes you to a page where you can type in what you think people find you under when they search. It will give you new ideas about what people are searching for so that you can make sure to answer questions that people ask. Answer the Public is another free resource you can use to find keywords and questions people are asking about your field. You can use it once a day for free. If you use it correctly, once a day is plenty. It sometimes gives you hundreds of results relating to the words you search. 


Publish Quality Content


You must have a blog because it changes the dynamic of your website. Google loves change and they are always looking for new content. A consistent blog is a great way to implement your keywords so that people can find you. 


Don’t Keyword Stuff

You can’t insert random keywords into your website. It doesn’t help people find you. Your keywords need to be in sentences for them to show up. Google is smarter than you would think, and it is hard to trick. 


Add Backlinks


Backlinks are links from other websites that go to your website. If other companies have links to your website, you become more reliable. Any time you do a presentation, get quoted in an article, or speak at an event, ask to be included in the backlinks. 


Be Active on Social Media


Social media activity is one of the easiest ways to improve SEO. If many accounts have links to your website, Google will see you as more reliable. Google loves to see LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter. LinkedIn will bring some of the best traction to your website. 


Have A Google My Business Page


A Google my business page is how your business is listed with Google. When you look up a company and see their website link, about section, address, and phone number, it is because they have a Google My Business page. You can upload images to your account, or feature your business however you would like. You must have a physical address to create a Google My Business page. 


Check For Technical Issues

We recommend that you have a webmaster who checks for technical issues. Speed, image size, correct links, and SSL certificate are all things on your website that need to be regularly checked. Technical issues will severely harm your SEO. 


Measure With Google Analytics


You can set up Google Analytics yourself, or have a webmaster do it for you. Google Analytics helps you find keywords people search to get to you, what platforms they find your website on, and how much time people spend on each website page. You must know these things because they tell you where to spend your time. You might think that your traffic is from Instagram, but it could be from another platform. It is free and easy to use. 


Be Realistic With Your Expectations


Google does not work quickly, so you must be patient. You won’t see results from making changes for at least 90 days. When you hit 50 blogs you will start to make it on the front pages of Google. It may seem like a lot, but you can slowly work on it and use the content for other platforms. Be patient and you will find that people will start seeing your website more often. 


Check Your SEO Periodically 

You need to go on an incognito Google window and find your website periodically. You can find out where you are ranked and what people see when they look for your company. The last thing you want is to only find a negative review first when you look up your business. As a business owner, you must know where your business stands on Google. 


Want to Know More About SEO and Digital Marketing? 


We have endless options for you to learn more about digital marketing from our company. Our best option is a Facebook Group called Social University. Social University members receive 24/7 access to social media marketing experts, weekly downloads, daily informational posts, weekly Canva tutorials, and a monthly live Q&A session. What more could you want? 


  1. Teri Green

    Good review on SEO. I sell foot products online and try to do the things you recommend.
    Thanks Again,
    Atlas Biomechanics

    • Caryn Terradas

      Thanks! I hope it gets you tons of traffic. 🙂



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