Spring Cleaning Your Website

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Business Tips

As we continue with the theme of spring cleaning during the month of April, today we will discuss how to spring clean your website. Websites often get overlooked and people forget to check them, but it is vital that you, as a business owner, periodically review your website to make sure you are heading in the right direction. 


Check Your Domain


First, you need to check your domain. Check your name and hosting plan. Do you have a hosting plan? We recommend that you have a hosting plan that includes edits. When you need to edit your website it is included in your plan and you won’t have to pay unexpected charges. You should also make sure you have all the domains you need. Your name is a great example of a domain you should have. When you look up carynterradas.com, you will be taken to the homepage of the Social U website. Make sure that you are the administrator and owner of all your URLs rather than your host company. 




What is an SSL? SSL stands for secure socket layers. It is security for your website that keeps viewers’ information private and secure. If you don’t have an SSL Google will not show people your website. It makes you extremely hard to find because Google sees you as a security threat. Your webmaster should be able to easily add an SSL to your website. You will have to pay a small fee for the certificate. 


Does Your Website Work on Different Devices? 

The rate of people using mobile devices to access websites is increasing daily. It will most likely continue to increase. The number of websites that do not function on mobile devices is astonishing. Make sure your website looks and functions how you want on your phone and laptop. 


Check Your Links 


Social media icons and other links on websites often go to the wrong place. You don’t want your link to send potential customers to the wrong page or nowhere. You also want to make sure the links are connected to business accounts rather than personal accounts. 


Contact Information


Have you checked your contact information recently? You need to make sure your website lists the correct phone number, address, email, and any other contact information you want people to have. You should also make your preferred method of contact easy to find. 




Businesses commonly have forms and downloads that people get by submitting their name, email, and/or phone number. If Your website isn’t functioning properly, you are missing out on possible new clients. When someone gives their email to you but doesn’t receive any messages you end up looking bad. 



You have to proofread your website. Yes, the entire thing. You will most likely find a mistake or typo somewhere on your website if you proofread it thoroughly. It wouldn’t hurt to have someone else look over your website too because it is easy to miss your own mistake. Recently, we had an intern notice a mistake on our website that no one else had noticed. It happens to the best of us. 


Review Your Pricing


It is great to have your pricing information on your website. It can help people avoid wasting their time if your prices are outside of their budget. If you choose to include pricing, you must make sure it is correct. You don’t want potential customers to find outdated or incorrect pricing information on your website. 


Consistency is Key


We have said it many times before, and we will continue to say it many times in the future. Consistency is the key to digital marketing. Your URLs have to be consistent. Your usernames on all your social media platforms should be the same as the URL on your website. The messages you send on your social media accounts should also align with your website. This makes it much easier to find. 


Content Audit


Look at your content to see if it sends the messages you want for your business. Do you tell your viewers what’s in it for them and why they should become your customer? If not, you should. Also, check to see that your photos are still working for you. DO they send the message you want to convey? 



Update your news if you have anything coming up or something you need to tell viewers. If you haven’t had news in a long time and don’t have anything coming up, remove this tab. You don’t want to look outdated or lazy to people looking at your website. 




Why should you have a blog? Blogs are great for search engine optimization. People search keywords that are found in your blog and then end up checking out your website. If you want to be found more, create a blog. Blogs are also great content for social media posts. We post our blogs on Facebook and LinkedIn. 


Review Analytics 


Google Analytics is a free tool that can help you understand your website better. You can see what pages people spend their time on, How long people spend on which page, and what keywords they searched to find you. 


Verify Your Call to Action


What is the goal of your call to action? You should want to inform, educate, and/or entertain. Make your viewers excited to get your download and begin working with you. 


Ask For Feedback 

Want to know if your website is leading you where you want to go? Just ask. Ask your clients, vendors, and team members what they think. They are likely to give their honest opinion. Bad feedback can be hurtful, but it is vital to your success as a business owner. 


Don’t Forget Your Website When Spring Cleaning!


It is easy to overlook the importance of reviewing your website, but hopefully, we have given you some motivation to get it done. You never want your business to look old and outdated. Check your website so it can take you in the direction you want to go. 



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