Spring Clean Your Business

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Business Tips

April is here, and you know what that means: spring cleaning. Everyone dreads it, but it is an easy way to make your life feel fresh, organized, and well… clean. We will focus on spring cleaning the entire month of April, and today we are focusing on spring cleaning your business. 


Office Organization


The first step to spring cleaning your business is to make sure the physical space that you work in is clean. Office space does not always stay as clean as we’d like it to, but luckily it is an easy fix. Organize those papers, go through your bills, and throw away the things taking up extra space. Clear the clutter from your workspace to clear a little space in your mind. 



Is your inbox filled with hundreds of messages that you don’t need or want? If you answered yes, it’s time to clean out your inbox. If you don’t go through them, they’re not going to go away. We know it seems like a big task, but you don’t have to do it all at once. Look through 20 messages a day and see what you don’t need to keep. Simply take it one step at a time and only do what you can handle. 


Check Your Inventory 


Take some time to look at your inventory to see what is out of date or out of stock. Check your offerings to see if you are giving people what they want. If not, it’s time for an update, and spring cleaning is the perfect time to do just that. 


Review Your Books 


If you have outdated or weird invoices, it might be time to take care of them. Is it time to write off an invoice that hasn’t been paid in six months? Are you paying for something you don’t use or need anymore? It might be time to cancel your business card and start over. Although it can be annoying to redo all the subscriptions you need, it could save you money. 


Check Your Phone

First, you must physically clean your phone. Wipe it down and remove dirt and germs. You can even have your charger port professionally cleaned. Next, update your software and turn your phone off. Allowing it to have downtime can extend its life. You also need to organize your phone. Removing old pictures, reorganizing the home screen, removing old apps, and deleting text threads you don’t need are perfect ways to do this. Next, you have to back your phone up to the cloud. You don’t want to lose everything on your phone if something happens to it. Another way to spring clean your phone is to review the subscriptions you pay for. Are you paying for apps you don’t need? Lastly, check into location tracking, microphone, and camera permissions. If you don’t want everywhere to know where you are, hear you, and see you then it’s time to change your phone settings. 


Social Media 


We will talk more about this in the following weeks, but it is important to review your social media accounts. You should also have a social media plan. If you already have one in place, make sure it is current and working for you. 




Have you recently visited your website and taken note of what changes might need to be made? If not, add it to your spring cleaning list. Make sure your website has a call to action that works. If you don’t have a call to action you are losing business! 


Marketing Plan


Spring cleaning is also the perfect time to review your marketing plan. Know what is working for you and what isn’t. It could be time to renew your plan if you haven’t done so recently. 


Check on Your Customers 


It is important to take care of your current customers’ needs before you worry about bringing in more. Ask your customers how your services are helping them and see if they think changes need to be made. It is possible that you have an upset client and you don’t even know. A simple conversation could be the reason you don’t lose them in the future. 


Email List


Checking your email list is something that can easily be overlooked. During spring cleaning you can take an hour or so to clean out your list. Check for duplicates and incomplete email addresses. It is easy, but important for your business. 


Engage your Staff


Touch base with your team to make sure everyone is on the same base. Your staff members should know what you expect of them. Likewise, you should know what your staff expects of you. How can you help them help you? After you reach out to your staff, connect with your vendors. Keep everyone on the same page for a smooth sailing business. 


What Have You Been Putting Off? 


We all have that one task or couple of tasks that we avoid at all costs. You constantly put it off when it is probably not near as bad as you think it will be. Whatever that is for you, take the time to do it this month. Add it to your spring cleaning list and get it done. You will feel a burden being lifted off your shoulders. 


Review Your Goals 

Lastly, we think it is time that you review your goals. Reviewing your goals helps you decide where you want to go and how you can get there. What does your business need that you can make happen? You won’t make any progress with your business if you don’t know where you want it to go. 


Membership Privileges 

During April, you will hear more about spring cleaning from us. Spring cleaning is a great way for you to clear your head and business. Stay tuned for more spring cleaning tips in the following weeks. Also, don’t forget to check out our new membership program! It is only $10 a month and will help you get information about social media you won’t find anywhere else!


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