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by | Jul 3, 2022 | Social Media

This week we wanted to offer something special to our Facebook Audience. We did a live Q&A session where we answered many frequently asked questions. Below you will find the questions asked and the answers given in the session.


How can I find trending sounds easier?


You need to be on the platform to find trending sounds. Play around on the app and you will find trending sounds that are relevant to you. You can also find sounds that are available to you on the app. They will tell you how often it is being downloaded. 


What kind of content should be on my blog?

You should write about anything that allows you to show your expertise. Answer questions that people are asking. You can find these topics based on keywords when you use Answer The Public. Look at your Google Analytics to see what terms people are using to find you. 


How important are reviews on social media for businesses?


Reviews are a great way to increase your SEO. They are especially great for professions that people do not want to see pictures of. Plumbers are a great example of this. Instead of relying on pictures, you can rely on Google reviews. Once it is posted to the public you can use it on your social media. Google and Facebook are both public outlets. People are more likely to believe reviews over what you say about your company.


Do I need to make an Event on Facebook if the event is online, such as an online sale?


Absolutely. Every person that follows you will get a notification when you post an event. It is also easier to duplicate an event if it is already there. You can boost an event like you can boost a post. It helps your stats when everyone sees it. 


Where do I start if I want to grow my Instagram audience?


The number one way to grow your Instagram followers is to be consistent on the platform. Post and engage with your audience consistently. You must post stories, posts on your feed, and reels to grow on Instagram. Instagram is pushing reels. They allow more people to see your content if you’re posting them, so if you want to grow your audience you need to post reels.


Is SEO something I can do or does my web person have to do it?

There is a combination of you and your Web Master when it comes to growing your SEO. One thing you can do is post blogs. Google has a free keyword research tool you can use. Use keywords that people are searching for in your blogs. We started getting more web traffic when we hit 50 blogs because that is when Google decides that you are a valid resource. Get reviews for your business and post on your social media consistently. 


Is there a golden length for reels to be seen more?


The perfect video length is anything under 60 seconds. Some people say that if you post a video that is less than ten seconds people will be more likely to rewatch the video, but that is still up for debate. We have a 40-second video that is doing extremely well. We also have a video less than 10 seconds long that is viral. 


Do I need to be on Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts?


Posting video on three different platforms takes a lot of time and effort. You can be on all the platforms, but not every platform allows you to schedule. If you want to be on all of the platforms that is great, but do what you can handle. Stick with the platform(s) that you find your audience on the most. 


You know how you always taught us to not post the same content on FB and Insta at the same time? Should we do this same thing with TikToc and Insta? Maybe post the same content but on a different day?


You can use the same content for each video platform. Wait a specific amount of days in between these posts. We recommend that if you post something on one platform you wait 7 to 14 days to post it on an additional platform. Creating video content for every platform individually is too much to keep up with. If a video doesn’t work on one platform, don’t give up on it. It could work on a different platform. 


Can TikTok help grow your Instagram account? 

TikTok can absolutely help you grow your Instagram accounts. There are two ways that it does so. When you get a decent following on TikTok, you can send them to your other pages through Linktree. You can also post the content you create for TikTok as Instagram reels. We have seen more growth from reels on our Instagram account than anything else we have done in the past three years. 


Do you have more questions related to digital marketing?

We do not normally have live Q&A sessions on our Facebook profile, but we still have a great option for you if you have further questions. We have recently created a Facebook group called Social University. We answer questions that are posted all hours of the day, host a monthly live Q&A session, post daily information, create weekly Canva tutorials, keep you updated on all social media platform changes, and offer a free weekly download. It is currently only $10 per month. This price will increase soon, but if you sign up now you can keep the same price indefinitely!



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