Social Media in 2023: Updates and New Players

by | Mar 8, 2023 | Social Media

One thing is for certain – in social media, nothing is consistent. This week we will cover new updates in the digital world and introduce all the new kids on the block. If you are managing any social media accounts, keeping up with trends and updates is vital. 



Instagram previously announced that they are considering reels and video content as its primary focus. This must have failed them because now they are featuring images as their primary form of content. Many creators still get the best traction on reels, but Instagram will be prioritizing carousel photos in the foreseeable future. 


You can now change your Instagram feed to eliminate many of the ads that pop up. Go to the upper left-hand corner, tap the Instagram logo, and then select “following” or “favorites.” This change of settings will clear up your feed and overall Instagram experience. 


Quiet mode allows you to silence notifications for a specific day, time, or length of time. You can pre-set messages to tell people you are away from Instagram and will contact them when you return. This feature is useful because you can silence notifications without the worry of forgetting to turn them back on. 


Instagram is now allowing you to hide words from your feed. You can hide specific words, emojis, or hashtags. If you hide the word “recipe,” Instagram will no longer show you anything that included that word in the caption or hashtags. 


Instagram is now allowing users to send stars to their favorite creators. If you feel that a creator’s content is worthy of your money, you can donate to them through stars. Tiktok has been doing this for a while, but Instagram wanted to join the trend. If you are eligible to receive stars, you will be able to see it in your professional dashboard. You can also comment on Instagram posts with gifts now. 



Facebook now has paid verification. Facebook will make sure you are the person you say you are. They offer this feature so that you can have increased reach and searchability in comments and the explore page. It also allows you access to live chat support. 


Facebook is also updating its group tools. There are now reels in groups and more robust admin tools. Admins can now monitor their groups better and quicker than before. 


Messenger communities is a new feature that blends messenger and Facebook Groups. This allows you to connect with people in groups in a way that has never been possible before. 



LinkedIn will now allow you to schedule posts. This is an update everyone has been waiting on! You no longer have to schedule LinkedIn posts through a third party because it is available on the site. 


Get ready for auto-captions on LinkedIn videos, because they are coming soon. You will no longer have to generate your own captions on every video because the site will do it for you. 


LinkedIn is now doing personalized job collections which means you can find a job in a specific industry or location much easier. Jobs will be grouped in a way that is much easier to search for the perfect job to fit your needs. 



TikTok has now overtaken Google as the number one website. It is also growing rapidly towards becoming the number one search engine. Gen Z is no longer asking questions and searching on Google. They search on TikTok before they turn to Google. 


A paywall will be introduced to TikTok in the near future. Creators can choose to gatekeep information from people unless they pay for it. Creators have already been keeping paid content on Patreon, but they can now keep it on the platform. 



Magic write is a new feature that Canva recently released. It is an artificial intelligence feature that can do your writing for you. You can find this feature when you open a Canva Doc. Simply give it a prompt and it will take care of the rest. You can then make it visually pleasing because it is already in Canva. 


Chat GPT

Chat GPT will revolutionize the way we write, consume, and process information. You can ask it questions, do research on any topic, or even have it write a blog. You still need to double-check the information it gives you, but it will make your life easier. It took Netflix three years, Facebook ten months, and Spotify five months to hit a million users. Chat GPT hit one million users in five days. In two months, it has 100 million users. It is a free program that you simply sign up for. If you have not experienced this program yet, now is the time to do so. 


Keep an Eye Out For Social Media Updates

The social media world is constantly evolving and changing. Every platform is trying to keep up with new ideas and trends. If you stay ahead of the changes, you are more likely to find success on social media. You can always count on Social U to keep you in the know! 


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