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Happy New Year! We hope you all had a great holiday season. Now that 2023 is finally here, it is time to get ready to rock the year with your social media. Planning is the key to having a successful year. 


Why do you need a plan? 

Having a plan helps create focus and allows your team to work together to achieve the same goal. You’ve probably heard the quote “ Teamwork makes the dream work.” This couldn’t be more true when it comes to planning goals for the year with your team. Having goals and a plan to get to them will help you measure how successful you are. 


Measure Objectives 

What does success look like to you? Do you want to grow your followers? Your objective can be growing sales, increasing your email list, or anything else you would like. You must know your objective so you know if you have been successful or not. You would not get in your car, drive around, and hope you find your destination. You need a map to know where it is. In the same way, you need an objective to know what to do on social media. 


Types of Goals 

Long Term: A long-term goal is a goal that you want to accomplish in the future. It can be 5 years or 10 years. It could be to expand offerings, add a new store, or hire more employees. 


Short Term: Short-term goals should be accomplished in 90 days. These are goals that you can do now to improve your productivity. Networking is a great example of a short-term goal. 


Build Financial Goals 

Financial goals can be personal or business goals. You should build your personal and business credit. If you have debt, make a goal to pay it off. You can also look into building your team member incentives. 


Personal Growth 

In the new year, you should make a goal to better yourself. One great way to do this is by volunteering and becoming involved in your community.  If you are not currently working on your community, you are missing out. Involvement and volunteering are great ways to learn about yourself and grow into a better human being. 


Organize, Organize, Organize. 

Look at your processes and find ways you can make improvements. Make it a goal to know what works and what slows you down. The more organized you keep your processes, the more efficiently you can do your job. 


Improve Client and Employee Experiences

Take a look at your client base, their reviews, and if they are happy with your services. You wouldn’t be a business without them, so it is vital to know if they enjoy their experience with you. Your employee’s happiness is extremely important for your business as well. The key to long-term success is long-term happy people. If people are happy, your company is happy. 


Keep Learning 

You must keep learning all year. Continuing education is the best way to stay on top of the industry. Have resources for training available for you and your team. If you stop learning you might as well retire. You can improve by reading, watching videos, taking courses, or listening to podcasts. 


Objectives for The Year

Your objectives should be timely and measurable. Make sure your goals are realistic for your business and will push you forward in your field. If you want to make a million dollars, make sure your previous year shows that it is a possibility. As you create and review your objectives, add video, engagement, and user-generated content to the list. All of these things are staying in the social media industry for a long time so you should include them now. 


Have a Great 2023

Don’t forget to plan and prepare for the new year. We are so thankful for the opportunities and growth we saw in 2022 and can’t wait to see what 2023 brings. Let’s all plan to have a successful year! 


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