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by | Feb 21, 2022 | Business Tips, Tool and Apps

Continuing the theme of things we love at Social U, this week we will be talking about the products that we love. Although the list of products we love is shorter than lists in recent weeks, they can make a huge impact on your ability to effectively navigate social media. 


iPhone and MacBook

Starting strong with a product we love is the Apple iPhone and MacBook. If you aren’t already using either of these products, you should be. At social U, We love our apple products and truly do not understand how someone wouldn’t. Using Apple ensures that you will have all the incredible features that you won’t have if you use other companies. 


Portable Battery Charger


Have you ever been to an important meeting or conference and your phone or laptop died? It happens to the best of us, but thankfully portable chargers can help you solve this issue. Our entire team at Social U has a portable charger that they find to be extremely convenient and valuable. If your portable charger is 100% charged you can fully charge two devices. The portable charger is convenient because it is about half the size of a phone and extremely lightweight. This makes it easy to take on the go. 




Being able to charge your device quickly is a necessity that many people overlook. The Supercharger can charge your phone faster than anything else. It will fully charge a phone battery in less than an hour. Next time you need to quickly charge your phone, consider using a Supercharger. 



We have talked about StreamYard as a resource, but it is also an extremely useful product. Not only can you stream to multiple platforms at a time in StreamYard, but you can also separate audio from video. If you need to create a podcast or just use audio you can do so in StreamYard. You can add multiple guests to a video and create content with other companies. When you are done with the video you can choose to download it as just audio or full video and audio. 


Laptop Stand and External Keyboard


In the past two years, there has been extreme growth in video content, live videos, and virtual meetings. Because of this, laptop stands and external keyboards have become exceptionally necessary products. Laptop stands allow you to elevate your computer. Why is this important? Well, it is important because people do not want to see an unflattering angle of your face or feel like they are looking up at you. Laptop stands allow virtual conversations to feel more natural. While your computer is elevated it is difficult to use your keyboard. This is why we recommend using an external keyboard when your laptop is elevated. This allows you to type, take notes, and use other functions when your computer is elevated.


Selfie Stick and Tripod


Selfie sticks and tripods have always been useful, but they are even more useful now that video content is on the rise. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are including video more and more while platforms such as Tiktok and YouTube are completely video-based. If you want to continue to grow on these platforms, it is well worth your money to invest in a selfie stick or tripod. Selfie sticks and tripods allow you to easily find the angle you like and hold your camera still. 


Ring Light and Clip-on-Light 

Out of all social media sins, bad lighting is one of the worst you can make. It is a common mistake that has an easy fix. Ring Lights and clip-on lights are effective tools to fix lighting issues. Why would you want to have a halo of light around your head when you can use a ring light or clip-on light to create the perfect lighting for your content? 




Lavaliers are small microphones that are used to fix problems with sound on videos and podcasts. Have you ever made a video and background noise causes your voice to be overshadowed? It is a common issue but lavaliers are an easy fix to the problem. They are much cheaper than a microphone but are extremely helpful for creating quality sound for your content. We recently ordered a new lavalier to test. If it works great, we will add a link for it. 


What are YOUR Favorite Products?


We would love to know your must-haves that you can’t live without. Shoot us a message and let us know what gear we need to try out.



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