New Year, New Content: How to Create Your Own Content Calendar

by | Jan 20, 2023 | Content Creation

Do you know how to create a content calendar? It is a skill that you need to master to have a successful social media presence. One of the most efficient ways to stay on track with your social media is to create a content calendar. You need a content calendar in your life, especially if you’re trying to keep your social media posts consistent.


Start With an Audit 

The first thing you should do is look at your insights and analytics. Social media can get confusing, but regular audits can keep you on track. If you doubt your auditing skills, take a look at the blog before this one. We explain, in detail, how you can audit your social media effectively. You don’t know where to go unless you know what worked in the past. 


Verify Your Platforms

Take a look at what platforms you use. Are they working for you? Are you gaining new followers and a new audience? Are you getting leads from this platform? If the answer to these questions is no, you shouldn’t spend time on the platform. Time is money. If you are wasting time on an unsuccessful platform you are throwing away money. Most business owners can only handle two or three platforms. 


Create a Template or Use our Free Template 

We do a two-week rotation content calendar. This means that our content ideas are only repeated once every two weeks. Our content calendar includes six days per week for two weeks. If you are only posting three times a week, you will have many content options to choose from. The template is customizable so that you can make it fit your needs. If you prefer to create your own, that works too! 


Occasions, Holidays, and Monthly Themes

National Day of Calendar is a lifesaver for social media. You can mark important days on your calendar ahead of time so they won’t sneak up on you. As a realtor, you wouldn’t want to miss National Buy a House Day. There are holidays specific to almost every field. There are also holidays you can post about that don’t relate to your business. There are daily and monthly holidays. We like to create a posting theme each month. This month is focused on the new year and new beginnings. Next month we will probably focus on love for Valentine’s Day. 


Brainstorm Categories

You can choose categories that work for your business and rotate them every two weeks. Tips, tricks, and trends are common categories for social media posts. You can also post things like testimonials, behind-the-scenes, employee highlights, how-to’s, quotes, humor, and previous content. Pick categories that fit in with your business. 


Save Inspiration

Keep your ideas somewhere that you will be able to find them later. Some people use Pinterest to do this while others prefer Google Drive. You can keep quotes, designs, and facts in one place. When you run low on time you can already have ideas set aside. 


User Ratio

You must be careful of trying to get a sale too often, and this is something you should take into consideration when planning content. One-third of the time you should promote your business. Post about sales, products, or happenings in your company. One-third of your content should cover your industry. This can include tips and updates about the industry. The last third of your content should engage your followers directly. You can do this by asking questions, responding to questions, or posting user-generated content. Never promote your business more than 20% of the time. You will wear your audience down and they will stop engaging with your posts. 


Pay Attention to Your Audience and Industry 

Listen to your users. Check your notifications and direct messages. What are people responding to? Pay attention to what people like and comment on so you will know what your audience needs. 


Don’t overlook other businesses and vendors in your area and industry. You can collaborate with others to create content your audience will engage well with. Being involved in your community is always a good thing. 



You can schedule Instagram and Facebook through Facebook Meta. Twitter and LinkedIn can be scheduled through HootSuite. TikTok can not be scheduled yet. Most platforms allow you to schedule internally, but there are other ways to schedule. It is easy to forget to post until it is too late. Scheduling ahead of time helps you avoid the last-minute panic of getting a post in. 


Get Organized Now! 

The beginning of the year is the best time to start creating habits. Keeping a content calendar is a great way to keep your social media organized. You can rotate content and plan ahead. Content calendars and scheduling are the best way to prevent content block and last-minute posting. 



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