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It is the month of love, and we are celebrating by telling you about everything we love! We are always supporting local businesses. There are many in the Birmingham area that we love, but we want to share a few that we know you will love too! 


The Birmingham area is rich in food choices. There is a type of food for everyone in Birmingham, and we are here to help you make the right decision! 

Ashley Mac’s

If you live in the Birmingham area and have not tried Ashley Mac’s you are missing out on a great meal! It tends to be more female-oriented, but the food is amazing. They have some of the best chicken salad in the south, and their strawberry cupcakes are to die for. 

Cookie Fix

Our entire team loves Cookie Fix. We frequently visit after a long office day or as a treat. Our team members who live out of town are always jealous when we send pictures at cookie fix. They often request it as their dessert when they are in town for a special occasion. If you are a cookie lover, Cookie Fix will not disappoint. 

Bluff Park Ice Cream Shoppe

If you are looking for the best ice cream in town, Bluff Park Ice Cream Shoppe will not disappoint. They have an endless selection of ice cream flavors. You can even try ice cream nachos at Bluff Park Ice Cream Shoppe! 

Naughty but Nice Kettle Corn 

Naughty but Nice Kettle Corn is a team favorite! It is usually included in our staff Christmas gift because everyone loves it. You cannot find better kettle corn, and they have an abundance of flavors! 

Tea and Thyme

Tea and Thyme products are normally included in our staff’s Christmas presents as well. If you are a tea lover like Caryn, these will be your new favorites. Our team members who don’t love tea still love Tea and Thyme as an occasional treat. We recommend the sugar cookie and blackberry flavors. The box and wrapping are beautiful as well! 

Cat-n-Bird Winery

Cat-n-Bird Winery is a local Birmingham winery. They serve red, white, sparking, and anything else your heart may desire. If you aren’t sure what you like, they do tastings each Saturday. You can make a reservation to go and find out what you like. 


We love to shop! Shopping in all forms is a team-wide favorite hobby. If you love to shop or are looking to go on a shopping spree, we know where to send you! 

Alabama Goods 

If you have kept up with us for a while you know we love Alabama Goods and recommend them to everyone we connect with. They only carry Alabama-made products by artists located in Alabama. They sell earthborn pottery that is stunning. Dragon Glass is also available at Alabama Goods. Alabama Goods is the largest pottery dealer in Alabama. 

Sojourns Fair Trade

Sojourns Fair Trade is a no sweatshop, child labor, or forced labor business. All the artisans are paid a fair living wage for their work, and they work in safe conditions. They have over 400 artisans who are residents of 60 countries. 60 percent of the artists are women, and many of those women have been liberated or protected from trafficking. Your purchase makes a huge difference in the lives of individuals who need it. If you haven’t had the chance to check out Sojourns, now is a great time to see all of their interesting and unique items. 


We have a very interesting mix of services we love in Birmingham. Supporting local services is supporting Birmingham as a whole! 

Ben at WP Site Mason

If you need any kind of website work, Ben at WP Site Mason is the best in the business. He hosts our website, and he hosts the websites of many of our clients. We could not recommend his services more! 

Miss Annie’s Home + Kitchen

Miss Annie’s is the perfect place to find an assortment of cool recipes. We love her cookbooks because they are interactive. Each recipe includes a photo of what you will make with a QR code. The QR code will send you a video with the recipe. Where else can you find a cookbook with pictures and a video tutorial?!

Any Reason to Plan

Any Reason to Plan is a local event planner who does great wedding and corporate work. If you have an event coming up, she is the perfect planner for you. 

Prophouse Designs 

Prophouse Designs does some of the most gorgeous florals you can find in Birmingham. If you are hosting a party, wedding, photoshoot, or another event, Prophouse can help you find any design element you might need. They have anything you could ever want for an event. 


GoPro is partnered with the Bridgestreet Venue that you might have heard of. If you work with big corporate events, GoPro can help you plan. Jennifer and her team make massive events flow seamlessly. If you are at an event with over 1000 people and it is amazing, GoPro most likely held it. 


Shipt is a grocery store delivery service that started in Birmingham, Al. What is better than avoiding the grocery store? You can do just that with Shipt Grocery. 


Birmingham is filled with nonprofits dedicated to serving their community. If you have extra time, these nonprofit businesses are the perfect place to donate time, skills, items, or money. 


Momentum Leadership is a leadership development program for executives and early-career women. It is a great networking program for women. They have an early version of their program for women who are in their 20s and thirties. They have webinars, seminars, and conferences. They recognize women with lifetime achievement awards. It is one of the best ways to get connected to the Birmingham/Alabama women’s business world. 

Lakeshore Foundation

Lakeshore Foundations promotes independence for persons with physically disabling conditions. People come from all over the world for the Lakeshore Foundation. They have some of the best facilities available for physically disabled individuals. 

Safe House of Shelby County 

Safe House empowers survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence. It is a non-profit United Way organization that provides critical domestic and sexual violence response, prevention, and intervention programs for community members of central Alabama. They provide free and confidential services for anyone who might need assistance. It is a great facility that our team is getting more involved in this year. There is help available through Safe House. 

Support Local Businesses 

If you want to keep the community alive and thriving, supporting local businesses is the best place to start. When you support local businesses you are putting money into Birmingham families’ homes. Support local businesses and grow your community to greatness. 


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