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by | Aug 8, 2022 | Content Creation

Today we are talking about how to reuse and recycle content. Next week we will discuss SEO strategies. The last three weeks will include finding keywords, maintaining your brand, and networking essentials. We are excited to jump into these topics and help you be as efficient as possible for your business. 


Why recycle content? 


If something has worked in the past, chances are that it will work again. Statistics show that recycled content will get consistent engagement. If you got 20 likes on a post in the past, you will get 20 likes again. A lot of times the same people will interact with the same content. 


New content can allow you to reach a new audience. If you’re getting engagement it will be pushed to new people. It will also generate website traffic to reuse content. Using older content allows you to avoid burnout. 


Non-seasonal Content


You can normally recycle content after 3-6 months. You don’t want to become repetitive and boring. If your content doesn’t reflect a season, it is fair game to reuse. You don’t want to repost a “happy summer” post in December just because it did well in July. Your viewers might find that strange. 


Transcribe a Video Into a Blog


This blog is a recap of what I am telling you on my live from August 3, 2022. All of my blogs are transcripts of my What’s Up Wednesday live videos that are on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube every Wednesday at 10 am. We will use content from this blog on other platforms. We will also promote it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We will then pull quotes from this blog. It will be reused many times. 


Use Slides From a Presentation 

Many of our slides include statistics that explain the “why?” behind social media. We often pull the stats from our slides and use them as posts. It is good information and it saves us from researching statistics for every post. 


Convert a Blog Into a Checklist or Quiz


If you write a blog you can turn the information into a checklist. For example, we could create a checklist from this blog with the name of each header. We would then label it a “recycling content checklist.” You can also post a poll or quiz with questions from your blog on your stories. It is a simple way to get brand new content, and it is engaging!


Go From Audio to Video

You can use your podcast as an animated video. If you have great podcast content that you don’t know how to post, this is a great option. Wavve is the perfect app to use for this. 




You can make a throwback for anything as long as the content is good. Milestones and memories with your team are great throwback ideas. You can also throw back to old trends and sounds for video content. If you took company photos, won an award, or learned something new you can use it as a throwback post


User-Generated Content

This type of content is one of the most overlooked ways to recycle content. It is free content that you didn’t even have to make. Check your notifications to see who is tagging you in your content. Use what your customers are giving you!


Convert Content Into an Infographic


You can change any sum of information into an infographic. You can make lists of statistics, facts, or quotes in infographic form. You can also convert your blogs into infographics. Infographics are interesting and engaging. If you already have the information, turn it into an infographic!


Break Down Lists 

If you have a list of anything, you can turn each thing on the list into a post or video. For example, if you have a list of the top five reasons you should make an infographic, you can use each reason as a separate post. You can record a video explaining one aspect of a list. 


Crossposting From One Platform to Another 


If you post something on Instagram one week, post it on Facebook the next week. Crossposting saves you time and stress. Sometimes if the content doesn’t get much engagement on one platform, it will do fantastic on another. We use the same video content on almost every platform. 




If someone leaves you a great review on Facebook, make a great graphic out of it and put it on Instagram. You can even make video content from reading testimonials. It is a free form of advertisement for your business. Why wouldn’t you want to use it?


Behind The Scenes


Some of our best engagement is on videos of our team being silly or working in the office. When you are yourself, people will engage. It establishes the no-like no-trust factor. People are more interested in what you do than you might think. Take videos of yourself doing what you know best and you will get great engagement. You can post these videos on any platform and use them over and over again. 




Post any kind of vendor, sponsor, friend, or team member highlights. We do a local business highlight once a week. There are so many options and you can repost them often!


Three Apps That Help You Recycle Content


  1. Wavve lets you turn your podcast or audio into engaging animated videos to share on social media. You can use a free version or pay for the pro version at $12.99 per month.
  2. Lumen 5 allows you to easily transform articles and blog posts into video content. They have a free version or you can pay $59 per month for the pro version. 
  3. There are so many cool templates for infographics on Canva. You can also create infographics using Piktochart. Both of these programs have free versions. We recommend the paid version of Canva because it gives you endless graphic-creating resources. 


Tune into August Content


We hope you enjoyed learning about all the ways you can recycle old content. We have great information lined up for the rest of the month. We would love to have you back!


  1. Teri Green

    Thanks for the good read. We are on Blogger and WordPress blogging about our foot products. Trying to do recycle of old content. Thanks again for the review.
    Atlas Biomechanics

    • Caryn Terradas

      You’re welcome. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Sarah

    Can I take a graphic and repost it with the same caption as before? Or should I make some sort of change to it?

    • Caryn Terradas

      If it’s been 6 months or more and the caption still makes sense you can absolutely do this. If you want to share a graphic to another platform within a 2-week period, I would either reword the caption or make a noticeable change to the graphic. That way the followers who follow you on multiple platforms won’t feel like they are seeing the same thing. Thanks for stopping by!


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