How to Combat Posting Fatigue

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Business Tips, Content Creation, Social Media

Recently someone asked how my team avoids burnout when posting for the same companies day in and day out. Why doesn’t our team get burnout? The answer is that they totally do. It happens to everyone. If you’ve been posting for the same company for more than a month you’re likely to experience burnout. I don’t mean that you’ll get bored or tired of posting. You can love the company but sometimes it’s difficult to come up with new and fresh ideas for content. We are all susceptible to posting fatigue. It’s a real thing. Let’s talk about how you can deal with it.

Combat Posting Fatigue by Taking Care of Your Mental Health

You have to have good mental health to stay motivated when you’re working by yourself anyway. There are some things you can do to increase your mental health so you stay strong and creative.

You need to have a built-in response for negative comments and reviews. You need to proactively have a plan in place so that when a negative comment comes you are ready to deal with it. If you’re posting for a client, you have already spoken with them and agreed on a response. If you are posting for yourself you have already determined what your response will be in advance. Knowing how you’re going to deal with negative comments takes away a lot of the stress of dealing with those negative comments. 

Another way to increase your mental health is to use the tech that is available to you. Use scheduling tools. Use monitoring tools. Use a relaxation app if that helps you. Use what’s available to you to make your life easier. There are so many things that your phone will do and so many apps to assist you so put them to work for you.

Get up and move around. It may sound silly but it really helps. When your Apple Watch tells you you’ve been sitting down too long, it’s probably right. Get up and move around and get those creative juices flowing. It helps put you in a different headspace when you’re moving versus when you’re stationary.

A fun thing to do for your mental health is to watch videos that make you happy. There is actual scientific proof that watching videos of kids or puppies and kittens increases the serotonin levels in your brain. It makes you happy. I love animal videos. They make me happy. So, if it means taking a 15-minute break to browse Tik Tok or Instagram, that’s totally ok. Again, you have to put your mental health first so you’re in a position to do some creative posting. 

Combat Posting Fatigue by Having a Location to Park Ideas for Future Posts

You need to have a place to store information that could work in future posts. Say you’re posting for a coffee company. You’re going to see ideas for great coffee content everywhere because now it’s in the forefront of your mind. You can’t use it all at once so you need to have a place to put it. I use boards on Pinterest a lot of times as a parking lot for my ideas. So when that interesting blog post or article shows up you can pin it to your coffee board, if that’s the place you choose. Then, when you get ready to create your content, you can pull up your Pinterest and see 20 ideas right there waiting to be used. 

Combat Posting Fatigue by Having a Plan

 I can’t stress this enough. When you know what you’re looking for and what you need to post, it helps you in a way that nothing else does. If you know that you need 2 testimonials every single month for a client, go ahead and knock them out and that’s one less thing you have to worry about. If you know you need 2 meet the team posts every month, you can go ahead and get that information at the beginning of the month and get it done. This reduces your stress level and gets it off your mind so you can free up space in your brain to think about other stuff. Get a plan.

Combat Posting Fatigue by Leaning on Your Community

This one is huge for my team. They are great about helping each other out. We have a weekly webinar each week where they each get the chance to present a client they may be struggling with. They can say “Hey, I’ve been posting for this coffee client for 2 months. I need some ideas.” When you have 4 or 5 people helping you brainstorm on a single idea, you’re going to get some great content and feedback. If you have a team that you can ask questions, what a great resource that is. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

If you don’t have a team and you’re self-employed, you need to have a community you can go to. For example, if you’re a wedding vendor and you’re self-employed, you may have a community of other wedding vendors you can go to. People will help you. You can look at other people’s communities. If you’re selling coffee in Birmingham, look at a community that’s selling coffee in Seattle. A different community will have a different audience but it’s a great way to get ideas that will help you. 

To Combat Posting Fatigue Schedule Downtime and Walk Away

Even if you’re a social media manager and this is what you do for a living, it is ok to have downtime. It is ok to not answer your phone at 10:00 at night. It is ok to have established office hours. It is ok. By having downtime and getting away from your phone you can come back fresh and motivated. 

Avoid Burnout and Posting Fatigue

What could you start doing today to create quality content and a fresh perspective? Try these tips and share them with your team to help avoid posting fatigue.


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