Black Friday Business Strategies

by | Nov 11, 2022 | Business Tips

It’s November and Black Friday is rapidly approaching! Now is the time to start planning for the biggest retail holiday of the year. We are here today to help you put your best (digital) foot forward when planning your Black Friday strategies this holiday season.


Keep it Simple!

No matter what the promo, discount, or sale is, you can not make it difficult. People do not respond well to difficulties. People are far more likely to participate in your sale if it is easy to follow. Don’t make different sale offers at different times, create steps to your Black Friday deals, or anything of that sort. Simple is better in this circumstance. 


What’s the Trend?

Before you start promoting your sale, look at what other companies are doing for Black Friday. Bigger companies and even competition is the perfect place to look. We are not telling you to copy them, but you can use them for inspiration. What did they do last year and how did it work? 


Create a Plan

Your plan needs to be creative. Use fun terminology for the holidays that will make people get involved. The more engaging the content, the more likely it is to do well on social media. 


You also need to decide what you want to do for Black Friday. Are you going to do a storewide sale, a promotion on a certain item, or an online-only sale? You can offer discounts on a service or a free ad for a service at full price. It is completely up to you, but you should engage with Black Friday in some way. 


Know How You Will Promote

Knowing the destination for your promotion is a vital part of advertising for Black Friday. You can promote your Black Friday deal through email, on social media, with online ads, or through other methods. Look at ads and come up with an ad budget. If you don’t advertise your deal, people will not know it exists. 


Think Big (Enough)

Your promotion has to catch the eyes of your customers. If you only offer 5% off of one item, you might not catch people’s attention. The discount you offer has to be big enough that people care about it. If it is too small, chances are people won’t even remember it when Black Friday finally arrives. 


Is Your Website Ready?

Your website has to be able to accommodate your Black Friday deal. It must be easy to access. An unsecured website is a terrible place to run a sale because it might not even show up when people search for you. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly and geared for the traffic being sent to it. 


Taking Payments 

Are you able to take payments effectively for Black Friday traffic? It might be as simple as creating a PayPal or Venmo button. If your customer has a hard time paying you, they might change their minds about your services. Not being able to easily take a payment makes you seem unprofessional. Why would your customer trust you with their money if you can’t effectively take it in the first place? 



If you are physically selling something this Black Friday, you must ensure that you have enough inventory. When you do a huge promotion on Black Friday, you will need to have more supplies than you normally would. You must keep up with the demand of your customers to have a successful Black Friday experience. 


Join Us Next Week 

Next week we will be talking about how you can thank your customers for their business. Giving back to your customers and showing appreciation are vital for running a trustworthy business. Joining us to learn more about how you can make sure your customers and team know that they are appreciated! 



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