Avoiding Summer Burnout

by | Jun 4, 2022 | Social Media

Let’s face it. Responsibilities and summer just don’t get along. It is beyond common to struggle with social media burnout when the sun is hot and the pool is cool. This month we will learn how to avoid the summer slump that far too many businesses face. In this article, you will learn tricks that will help you avoid summer burnout. 




If you want to maintain a positive relationship with your work, you have to set boundaries. Start by setting office hours for yourself. During those hours you answer emails, text messages, or direct messages on social media platforms. Outside of those hours, you enjoy your life. We know it is easier said than done, but you have to set expectations between you and your clients. People are not unreasonable if you set an expectation for them. Do not answer the text you received at midnight unless it is extremely urgent!


Know What Makes You Money

To avoid social media burnout, you must know what is helping and hurting your bank account. Where do you get your best closing rates? It could be through phone calls, over email, or even through direct messages on social media. Focus your time on where the money comes from. You should also know how many hours you are spending on certain tasks. If something is taking you longer than what you normally make hourly you might want to outsource it. Know what is worth your time because time is money. 


Recognize When You Need Help 


You must know when it is time to hand your problems over to an expert. Life can get stressful, and throwing extra chores isn’t going to be helpful. We train, consult, and manage so that you can spend time doing what you are best at. If you recognize that social media is taking up too much of your time and/or causing you unneeded stress, ask for help. 


Automatic Responses

Automatic responses are an easy way to save yourself time checking messages. They are simple to set up and can answer your frequently asked questions. You can set them up to answer questions such as “What are your weekday hours?” “Are you open on Sunday?” “What do you sell?” and any other question you get frequent messages about. Save your time, energy, and sanity by setting up automatic responses. 


Evaluate Your Platforms


In case you didn’t already know, your business does not have to be on every single platform. Summer burnout is real, and keeping up with content for too many platforms can cause you far too much stress. Look at your analytics to see what platforms are making you the most money. Most businesses only need to be on two to three social media platforms. 


Create a Content Calendar 

We keep a content calendar so that we do not repeat our content more than every two weeks. Using a content calendar can help you avoid burnout because you are never out of ideas of what to post. You can post a tip Tuesday every other week, a throwback Thursday every other Thursday, and a testimonial every other week. You should fill your content calendar with content you know works for you. It will help you avoid burnout and looking lazy to your followers.  




When we say schedule, we do not just mean scheduling your posts with a scheduling tool. Although that is great, we are also talking about scheduling your time. Set out a scheduled time to be active. Create content at the beginning of the week. Check your comments one day a week. Find time once a day to check your emails. If you do not have a set schedule, keeping up with social media will become too much. 


Maintain Your Habits 

Healthy habits shouldn’t be something you pick up from time to time when life gets stressful. They should be something you work on every week. When you keep healthy habits you are avoiding burnout and an overload of stress. 


What to expect from us this month?


Next week we will teach you what you should post when you do not know what to post. We will give you resources to help you create original and unique content without causing too much stress. We will focus on fixing the summer slump for the rest of June. We want to hear from you. What do you want to know about social media?



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