Autumn Audits for Your Website

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Business Tips

When was the last time you looked at your website or had someone you trust to take a look at it? We know that no one wants to hear that their baby is ugly, but sometimes it needs to be said. If your website isn’t generating qualified leads for your business then it needs to be revised. There are steps that you can take to evaluate your website to find out if it is working for you. 


Check The Domain Name and Hosting Plan


Do you own your website? If you don’t, you need to transfer it to your name. Sometimes your host will take ownership of your website. If that’s the case and you have an emergency, you can’t do anything about it. Your website needs to be under your name and contact information so that you can make changes as necessary. 



There are still websites in 2022 that don’t have a certificate on them. It is shocking that it still happens today, but we see it often. When you look at a URL online you should see a small lock next to it. If there is not a lock, it is considered an unsecured website. It needs a certificate to be secure. Google will not let people see your website if it is secure. Sometimes it will warn people about your website when they click on it, and sometimes it will not allow your website to be opened at all. All of the work you put into your website will be irrelevant if it doesn’t have a certificate. 


Test on All Browsers And Devices


Does your website work on both Firefox and Google? Does it work on desktop and mobile devices? There are often websites that glitch when they are pulled up on mobile devices. Your website should work any way that you pull it up. 


Check Links And Social Media Icons

Do your links work and go to the correct place? Ensure that your links are sending people where you want them to go. You should also check to see if all the platforms you are on are present. Sometimes people forget to add new platforms when they first start them. If your links are broken you will look lazy or careless. 


Update And Check Your Contact Information


You must make sure that the contact information on your website is correct. Is your address up to date? Do you have a phone number listed? Is your email correct? If you have a contact form you should know where the information it gets is going. There should also be a thank you connected to the end of the contact form. 


Functionality of Forms

Do your forms work as you want them to? Make sure that the information you get has a designated place to be received. It is frustrating to not get any leads because your forms aren’t working. You spend time, money, and energy to get leads. Don’t waste them. 




Read over your entire website to make sure it is accurate. Read over the entire website. You might find typos or outdated information if you read through it thoroughly. If your pricing has changed recently and you forgot to update it on your website you are misleading your customers. 


Review Consistency


You should have complete consistency on your entire website. Are you relaying the same message on every page of your website? Your URL, messages, and call to action should all be the same. 


Content Audit


Check your analytics to see where people spend their time on your page. If no one is staying on your homepage, something is wrong. You should also check the names of your images. People can search for images and find you through an image on your website. All of the images on our blogs have names relating to the topic we cover. 




There should be an overall aesthetic to your website. It should reflect your branding and what your company feels like. It should also look up to date. If your website looks like you haven’t touched it in ten years then they will see you as careless or lazy. You know you aren’t lazy, but potential clients don’t. Build your website to get the lead! 


Update News And Add a Blog 

If you aren’t already blogging, you should start. Blogs are a great search engine optimization tool. They make you show up more when people search for something that relates to you. You can also update your website with anything new because it makes you appear fresh and relevant. 


Review Your Analytics 


Take a look at your analytics for your website. Where is your traffic coming from? You should spend the most time on where business comes from. You need to ensure you are including searchable terms. You can see what terms people search for to find your website and use them more often on blogs or on your homepage/about section. The last analytic you should look at is how long people spend on each page. If people are bouncing off your page in less than 30 seconds something is wrong. 


Variable Call to Action


You do not own a lead until you have an email in your possession. To get an email you need to have a call to action. In order to get their email, you need to have something they want. A valuable download or information list could be the reason someone gives you their email. 


Ask For Feedback 

No one wants to hear that their baby is ugly, but the opinion of others can make or break your business. You might think your website is great, but other people could find it unattractive. A colleague, friend, teammate, or employee can look at your website and provide feedback. 


The Best Tech Company 


Our tech guy is outstanding. We use Ben Deloach with WP SiteMason. He recently did a guest interview on the Social University Facebook Group. If you are interested in getting access to the group to see this live click the link below!



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