Apps You Will LOVE for Valentine’s Day

by | Feb 6, 2020 | Tool and Apps

Let’s talk about some apps that you will LOVE for Valentine’s Day. Of course, many of them are useful at any time, but they’re especially helpful for Valentine’s Day.

Walmart Grocery Pickup or Shipt

If you haven’t ordered groceries online from Walmart and just driven there to pick them up, you are missing out on one of the grandest things in life. As a busy entrepreneur and someone who doesn’t have a ton of time to go actually shop, Walmart Pickup and Shipt have become two of my best friends. You do your ordering online then you can have it delivered directly to the office or to your home, whichever you prefer. You can have it delivered with Shipt, which is great, or you can go pick it up with Walmart Pickup and that service is absolutely free. It saves you time and stops you from making those crazy impulse purchases. Both of these are great options if you’re making dinner for your Valentine.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Another great app, if you’re cooking Valentine’s dinner, is Allrecipes Dinner Spinner. It has tons of different dinner ideas. You tell it what you’re looking for and then spin the wheel and take your chances. If you’re stuck in a cooking rut this is a great app to give you some fresh inspiration.

Uber Eats

If you don’t feel like cooking for Valentine’s Day but still want to stay home, Uber Eats is a great option. There are several services like this available, including DoorDash and Waitr. You can now have literally anything you want delivered. If Uber Eats doesn’t do it, Postmates will. Postmates will deliver aspirin or a posterboard if your kid decides they need one for school at 8 pm for a project due the next day that they never told you about. Postmates will deliver anything you need. If want to have it delivered, it’s within your grasp.


OpenTable is an app that allows you to make reservations for restaurants in your city. If you want to make reservations for Valentine’s Day, you simply open the app, fill in the date, time, how many people in your party, and which restaurant you want and you can make the reservation directly inside the app. You don’t have to call places to find out what’s available. It tells you in the app.

All Events in City

If you don’t know what’s available in your city and you want to do more than just dinner, go to All Events to find out what’s available. If you want to hike, go on a museum tour, attend a wine-tasting- whatever it is you want to do- it will tell you your options in your area. This is great when you’re making plans for Valentine’s Day or any other day.


This one is one of the least known but one of my favorites. It has other applications too, but it’s amazing for Valentine’s Day. This app allows you to send handwritten notes in the mail, from the comfort of your computer. It’s really cool. You start by picking out a template. You can write with your finger or a stylus. You write a personal note and if you want you can add personal images. For instance, if a friend sent you some tea, you can send her a Thank You note. You pick out a template, write out your personal message, and even add a picture of yourself enjoying a cup of the tea. Then the app will mail an actual card to your friend by snail mail. It’s really neat because it looks like you wrote it, which essentially you did. They’re just printing the material for you.

For businesses this is great. Gone are the days of the thank you note, so you can really set your business apart with this tool. If you want to send actual thank you notes, this app makes it really easy for you. Who doesn’t love getting fun mail?

Alabama Goods and Insomnia Cookies

If you want something delivered locally, try Alabama Goods or Insomnia Cookies. Alabama Goods features distinctive food and gifts made in Alabama. Many of the items also have an Alabama theme. Insomnia Cookies delivers its tasty cookies until 3 am daily.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Make use of technology this holiday to plan the best Valentine’s Day ever. Whether you’re eating in, going out, looking for a new adventure, sending a heartfelt card, or buying the perfect gift, one of these tools can help you. Combine a few of them to make that certain someone feel really special. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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