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by | Jun 25, 2022 | Content Creation, Social Media

Are you going on vacation soon and need to know what to post and how to get content while you’re there? Lucky for you, that is exactly what we will be talking about today. We have a list of nine ways you can create content at your location. 




You have heard us say it time and time again: schedule. If you aren’t already scheduling, you should be. Vacation time is the perfect time for you to start scheduling it. don’t stress yourself out trying to come up with something to post five minutes before it needs to be posted. Have it planned ahead of time so that you can make the most of your vacation time.


Set an Expectation 


Before you leave for the vacation you need to prepare your clients and coworkers for your absence. Let your clients know ahead of time that you won’t be available. You can have someone else on your team step in as an emergency contact while you are gone. Set up an automatic response email telling people you are out of work for the time being. You can add the email of your emergency contact person that is covering for you. The person stepping in for you can also manage your comments and direct messages if you feel that it is necessary. It is okay and healthy to step away. 


Make a List 

Before you leave for your vacation you need to plan out what content you want to get. Make a list of clips and photos you want to capture on your vacation so that you can go back and create content from it later. Maybe you want to get a video on the plane, a picture of your hotel, a video of your hike, and a sunset picture. Put them in a list on your phone so that you do not get home and realize you forgot something you wanted to capture. 


User-Generated Content


You can use other people’s content if it is relevant to your trip. If you are going to Nashville, for example, you can look up the location and tags that are relevant to the location. It is okay to share other people’s content as long as you give them credit. You can add your own caption and make the post work for your account. 



Highlights are an easy way to get content on location. Take a photo or video of a popular restaurant or attraction you visit. You can tag the location and show people what you were up to while you were on vacation. Highlights are fun and easy to capture. 




If your vacation is relevant to a holiday, make a post about it. Fourth of July is coming up, so if you go see fireworks at the beach it would make a great post. If you visit New Orleans on Mardi Gra, share it with your audience. Holidays are fun, and people love to celebrate with you. Holiday content is particularly interesting when it is relevant to your vacation. 



Record yourself asking questions to people around you on vacation. You can speak with the front desk staff at your hotel, an Uber driver, your tour guide, or a person sitting on the beach. Ask questions such as “What restaurants do you recommend?”, “What is your favorite location in this area?”, and “Why do you love living here?” You can get fun and interesting answers to questions you might view as simple. 


Review Past Content 


Take a look at the kind of content that you or your competitors have been successful with on location in the past. You can look at what you did right and wrong and make corrections as necessary. You can also make someone else’s great idea your own if you personalize it to your trip. 


Themed Giveaways 


Giveaways are a great way to drive traction to your social media accounts. You can grab a cool souvenir from the place you are using and give it to one of your clients. Giveaways are fun, and they give you a different way to talk about your vacation.


Enjoy Your Trip! 

The most important thing to remember when going on vacation and trying to create content is to relax and take in your trip. Get content in batches if you can. Find fun and interesting things to snap a picture of, and then let go of your social media for the week. It is okay to take a break to enjoy yourself!



  1. Teri Green

    I didn’t even think about posting while on vacation. Great idea ! Not sure my husband would agree though.

    • Caryn Terradas

      True! Only make the content if you would enjoy it. Don’t mess up the vacation. 🙂


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