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by | Mar 28, 2022 | Instagram, Social Media

Stories and reels are two of the five vital components of having a successful Instagram account. You may have never heard of stories and reels, or you may use them daily. Either way, we are going to teach you why stories and reels are vital to having a successful account and how you can use them. 


What’s the Deal With Instagram Reels? 

Reels are one-minute short videos that Instagram is using to compete with TikTok. They are the easiest way for you to connect with a new audience on the platform. You can post reels as just a stand-alone reel or as a reel and a regular post. They are the easiest way for your post to land on the for you page. The for you page will help you find a new audience because it is based on people’s interests. If someone likes content similar to what you post, they are more likely to see your content on the for you page. In the past, only people with a large following could make it on the for you page. Reels have changed this. You can easily grow your following with reels because they reach the most people. 


Why Should You Use Reels? 


If you aren’t already using Instagram Reels, you should be. Instagram is a slow-growing platform. In fact, it is one of the slowest growing platforms you can use. Reels are an easy way to kickstart your profile and promote quick growth. Do you love showing your personality on social media? So do we. We get the most engagement on our reels when we show humor and sarcasm. This means that reels are not only there to grow your platform, but they are also there for you to have fun with. Instagram reels are also shoppable. If you are in the retail market reels are perfect for you because people can shop straight from your content. 


Reels Algorithm


The algorithm for reels works similarly to the rest of Instagram. It is based on previous behavior, meaning that it shows you content similar to the content you have engaged with in the past. If someone frequently likes videos that involve animals, Instagram is likely to show them more reels that have animals in them. If someone frequently likes content similar to what you post, Instagram will be more likely to show them your content. This is helpful because the people seeing your reels are more likely to enjoy your content. 


The Dos and Don’ts of Reels

Just like any other aspect of social media, there are dos and don’ts to posting reels. You should include captions whenever you can because many people watch videos without sounds, but you should be careful not to overdo the number of texts you add. People do not watch videos with too much text because they take more effort to watch. You should use trending hashtags and sounds to help boost your views and engagement, but you should avoid using copyrighted music. The most important thing to remember when making reels is to be yourself. Show your personality and avoid overusing filters. 


What are Instagram Stories? 


Instagram stories are another one of the five components of creating a healthy Instagram Account. They are temporary images and videos that stay on your profile for 24 hours. Although they automatically delete after 24 hours, you can save them to highlights on your page. Stories can be time-consuming to create, but they are one of the most useful components Instagram offers. 


Why Use Instagram Stories? 

Why would you want to put the time and effort into creating content that will disappear after one day? Instagram stories help you gain followers and bring about more engagement on your account. While reels are important for giving you new followers, Instagram is important for reaching those who already follow your account. 


Taking Advantage of Instagram Stories 

Now you know what Instagram stories are and why they are important, but you might not know how to make the most out of using them. Stories are statistically proven to boost your engagement when you post contests and stories. It is an easy way to have your audience engage with your content because they have hopes of getting something for free. It can be as simple as using gift cards as prizes. How-tos, tutorials, sharing your blog, and behind the scenes are other ways to have your audience remember you. You should also remember to create engaging stories that encourage people to send you direct messages, click your links, and send people to your website. Instagram stories are an easy way to market your business. 


Next week we will continue to teach you the important components of creating a healthy Instagram account. We will be covering captions and emojis so that you can have a completed account. 



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