3 Apps You’ve Never Heard of That You Will Love

by | Sep 27, 2019 | Tool and Apps

You’ve probably never heard of these apps, but I think you’re going to totally love them. There isn’t a ton of common ground in the function of these apps, I just think they’re all cool, free and worth sharing.


This is a great, basic image editing tool for your desktop or laptop. It’s super simple to use; it’s made to be user-friendly. You can resize, crop, rotate, flip, convert your image to different formats, all sorts of simple tasks. Apps like this one just make your life easier as a simple way to edit your images for different uses on different platforms.


I talk about podcasts all the time – I love them. This is a handy podcast research tool that allows you to search podcast appearances and topics so you can find more of what you like. If you’re really into Amy Porterfield or Gary Vaynerchuk, you can type in their names and see where all they’ve been interviewed. You can also do this by topic. The cool thing: not only does it allow you to search, but it also lets you build a directory of podcasts so you can save them for later.

Excerpt – The Book Highlighter

It’s a long title, but such a cool app. This tool allows you to save and organize passages from books you’ve read. You can use a screenshot if you’re reading online, or you can take a picture of a physical book page. The app stores the images on your phone so you can share them on social media or just have easy access to notes for later. It’s especially helpful if you’re writing an article or blog post or you just think, “That would make a great social media post.” That way you have this library of passages so you don’t have to word search and try to find what you’ve already read.


Here’s a bonus app! I guess this could serve an actual purpose, but it’s mostly just for fun. This app allows you to share GIFs synchronized with licensed song clips. You can search anything, like “happy” or “angry,” and it shows you all kinds of GIFs. As you scroll over them, a song plays. If you don’t like the song, you can pair the GIF you love with a different song to better suit your need. Not super work-related, but I thought it was cool and a super fun way to express yourself online!


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