3 Apps to Help You Recycle Content

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Content Creation, Graphics, Social Media, Tool and Apps, Video

One of the biggest questions we see from business owners is “Where can I find new content?” The answer is to recycle your content. Why recycle? If it worked one time, it’s going to work another time. Statistically, if you get 20 likes on a post the first time, you’ll have at least 20 on it the second time. Be aware, this doesn’t apply to seasonal content. You can’t use a Christmas post in February. That’s weird. However, Christmas in July may be an option. 

Recycling your solid content also gives it a chance to reach a new audience that hasn’t seen it yet. You may feel that if you’ve posted something one time that everyone has already seen it. Everyone hasn’t seen it. You’re only getting a 2%-11% organic reach on a Facebook post unless you’re paying to boost that. A lot of people won’t see it the first time, so go ahead and use it again. 

Another reason to recycle content is that it’s still good information. If the information is still solid there’s no reason for you to not share it again. If you have an amazing piece of content that blew up on your social media, don’t be afraid to use it more than once. 

Be careful not to spam your content. By that I mean don’t share it a week later, but if it’s been at least 3 months, feel free to post it once again. Also, don’t just share the same content every 3 to 6 months. However, if you have a couple of pieces of really strong content, feel free to use them more than once. It’s also great if you can share the same information in a different format. Maybe the same picture with a different caption or the same quote with a different graphic.


Wavve lets you turn your podcast or audio into engaging animated videos to share on social media. There is a free version and a $10 pro version. The pro version is great for businesses because it allows you to brand your material as your own. This is great for people that don’t want to be on camera. You can make an audio recording then create an animated version of that. Quotes are a great thing to do this with. 


This is a super cool app that allows you to transform blogs or articles into video content. There’s a free version and a $19/month version. This app will take out some of your pictures and written content and make a shell that allows you to go in and swap content out and fix it up to your preference. It’s a very different feeling than starting from scratch. Starting from scratch can be so overwhelming and daunting that you end up not doing it. This app takes your blog content and creates a very attractive video and you just have to tweak it to your liking. You don’t have to limit it to just your own content, either. If you find an awesome article in Forbes you want to use, you can use Lumen5 on it as well. Just be sure to credit Forbes when you share it. 


Easel.ly is an infographic creation tool. There is a free version and a $4/month version. For those of you who are Canva fans, yes you can do infographics on Canva but the templates are very limited. Easel.ly has so many templates. We’re talking ALL the templates. Again, making it from scratch is so much harder than going in with a provided template and just switching out the information. Infographics are such a neat way to share information. For example, if you’re a wedding planner who just wrote a blog about the 5 best groomsmen gifts, that would make a fabulous infographic. 

Reduce Your Work, Reuse, and Recycle

So, to recap, you can write a great blog. Then you can create a video from that blog in Lumen5. You can record it and make an animated video on Wavve. Then you can use Easel.ly to make a very cool infographic that you share on Pinterest. These are all very different versions of the same content. Because they look different, it will be consumed differently by different audiences which is exactly what you want. All of this from a blog! 

Blogging is great for SEO and healthy for your website. It sets you up as an expert in your field and gets your information out there. Stop forgetting to share your blogs or posting them once on Facebook and calling it done. What’s good content in April is probably going to still be good in October. You can use these apps to create pieces on multiple platforms and get the most out of your content. 



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