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by | Sep 13, 2022 | Facebook

Facebook can be a hassle to keep up with. They make frequent changes to their platform that business owners are forced to keep up with. They recently updated their Facebook pages, and they are rolling out the changes slowly. If you have not had a change to your page yet, you will soon. 




Instagram is under the umbrella of Facebook Meta, and they have recently made changes as well. The first change they have made is boosting reels. This was not allowed in the past, but you can now pay to have more people see your reels. They have also updated video content. Any video content posted will now be posted as a reel rather than just a video. Users can now create reels through existing videos. Instagram pinned posts are also new. You can choose which photos you want to be shown at the top of your page. Pinned posts will not move when you post something new. 


Meta Launches Small Business Studios

Small Business Studios is Facebook’s version of training. It is a resource center for anyone who wants to grow on the platform. It is meant to help small businesses gain more attention. It has different training options available, and it is free of charge. 


New Facebook Experience

The new Facebook experience forces you to interact as your page rather than yourself. You have to switch between your personal account and your business account to work on your business account. It is meant to be a simpler and more intuitive layout. Sometimes it is hard to figure out which profile you are on. 


Dedicated News Feed


This page is meant to allow you to follow trends, join conversations, engage with fans, and interact with peers. You will see suggestions for new connections here. Those connections include other creators, public figures, pages, groups, and trending content that you might be interested in. It also allows for comments from public figures and creators to be bumped to the top of comment sections. People will now be able to follow pages directly from comments and recommendation posts. 


Page Followers Instead of Likes 

In the past, Facebook has allowed people to “follow” a page by liking it. Your page grew by getting likes. They are now changing the name of page likes to page follows. If you like an account, you now follow the account instead. 


Management Tools 


The new Facebook is supposed to give pages better management tools. You can now manage permissions to varying levels of access. When you go into your administration function you will see they have gotten rid of admins. You can give certain people specific functions that they are allowed to do on an account. You can limit other people to certain abilities on your account. If you are already an admin on a page when it converts you will have the same access as you did. 


Safer Experience


Facebook is more tunes into hate speech, violence, sexual content, spam content, and impersonation. Facebook is making an effort to make people feel more comfortable on the platform. Hopefully, we will see less unsafe content in the future.  


What do Facebook changes mean for you? 

You might have some new things to learn now, but if you explore it won’t take long. If you would like to see examples and a tutorial on the Facebook changes, go to the Social U Facebook Page. When you click videos you will see a video from September 7th. In this video, Caryn explains the Facebook changes and what that will look like for you. 


Have you checked out Social University? 


We don’t want you to struggle with the everyday changes of the social media world. There are changes being made almost every day, but social media experts are here to help. Social University is our Facebook group that will place social media experts at your fingertips. They are always there to answer questions that you have asked and questions you didn’t know you needed an answer for!


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