Bio: Caryn Terradas

“Call me Ishmael.” Well, my name is Caryn so you should probably just call me that. I’ve been in sales and marketing a long time. I worked retail sales for almost 15 years before moving along to corporate America. I worked in sales for a training and consulting company for almost 10 years ( I started very young. Only 7) before deciding I could do it on my own.

My timing was perfect. I started my own business and BAM….the recession hit. I found myself with more time than money and no advertising budget at all. I started using LinkedIn to drum up business and low and behold…it worked! And even better….it worked for FREE.

I had a client who asked if I would speak to her group about using social media to market yourself and your business. So of course, I told her no. That’s boring drivel and no one wants to hear about it. She didn’t give up (thank goodness) and I finally agreed to speak to a small group. I loved it. The group loved it. There was clapping and a star was born. Well….not a star, but someone who was really excited to share information. I continued to speak across the country and gathered more social media clients. Eventually I was forced to reevaluate my business and realized the social media side was generating more income and way more fun. So I became a full time social media manager and have never looked back.

That’s the not-so-short version of my life….whew! Boring! What you really need to know is I love what I do and I’m good at it. Give me a chance and I’ll show you what social media can do for your business.